Chair Board Yee Jan 2015

The Brockville Police Services Board and the Brockville Police Service are committed to a value added partnership with our community to enhance quality of life.

We have identified goals that ensure we are accountable to the public for implementing effective programs to meet the challenges identified by our citizens.

This plan is the result of a continuous consultation process with the community and the involvement, input and co-operation of many citizens and volunteers. We are appreciative of the level of co-operation from City Council, members of the Police Service and Police Association, our residents and business community.

The Brockville Community Policing BPS Business Plan 2015-2017 sets out our priorities within the context of thirteen strategic goals.

We are confident that our community and police service can meet the challenges of the future, together, as “Partners for a Safe and Healthy Community”.

King Yee, Jr.

BPS Business Plan 2015-2017