July 30, 2019 Incidents

Impaired by Drug:

On the 30th of July, 2019 at approximately 5:15 am a local 38 year old male was located passed out behind the wheel of his pick-up truck. He was arrested for impaired by drug and escorted to the Brockville Police station. He was subjected to an exam by our Drug Recognition Expert and subsequently charged as a result of failing those tests. He was released with a future court date, and his vehicle was towed.



On the 30th of July, 2019 at approximately 11:30 pm a traffic stop was conducted on Buell Street for an improper headlight. Further investigation of the vehicle revealed there to be a quantity of drugs inside of it. A 38 year old female  was charged with possession of a controlled substance, and the 34 year old male was charged for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, concealed weapon, and possession of property obtained by crime, as well as the Cannabis Control Act. The male driver also ticket for the improper headlight. They were both released with a future court date.


July 26 – 29, 2019 Incidents


On the 26th of July, 2019 at approximately noon a 31 year old male was observed at a north-end store by Loss Prevention selecting a quantity of items and attempting to conceal them. He was approached and fled the store. Investigation led officers downtown to an address where he was located hiding in the basement. He was arrested for the offence of theft and released with a future court date.



On the 26th of July, 2019 at approximately 10:30pm police were called to a south end residence as a result of reports of a couple screaming and yelling at each other. The 31 year old male was on conditions from a previous arrest not to associate with the female at the residence. He was located in the backyard and arrested for the breach of recognizance, and held for a bail hearing.


Theft from vehicles:

On the 27th of July, 2019 a 20 year old female was located in the north end attempting to get into vehicles. She was located and arrested with theft and released with a future court date. Just a reminder to citizens to lock your vehicles up, and leave valuables out of plain sight.

Stolen Sea-Doo

Police are looking for this trailer and Sea-Doo that was stolen from the Brockville Yacht club sometime this weekend. If located please contact us at 613-342-0127.

July 23, 2019 Incidents

Bail Violations:

On the 23rd of July 2019 at 1:20 p.m. officers were dispatched to a residence on Comstock Crescent for an unwanted persons call.  Officers attended the residence, but the subject had left prior to their arrival.  The 52 year old male was located a short distance away.  The male was arrested as he was on conditions not to be away from his residence.  He was then held in custody pending a bail hearing.


Public Intoxication:

On the 23rd of July 2019 at 10:45 p.m. Police received a report of an intoxicated male laying on the road on Park Street.  Officers attended the area and located a 56 year old male hiding in the bushes of a nearby residence.  The male was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and held in custody until sober.

July 22 – 23, 2019 Incidents

Arrest on Warrants:

  1. On the 22nd of July 2019 at 5:19 p.m. officers stopped a vehicle on Edgewood Ave. When the officer stopped the vehicle a 32 year old male fled attempting to evade police on the rail tracks.  He was arrested a short distance away.  The male had a warrant for his arrest from the OPP area.  He was turned over to their custody a short time later.
  2. On the 23rd of July 2019 at 12:32 a.m. officers from a neighbouring OPP detachment stopped a vehicle in a routine traffic stopped and arrested a 35 year old female. The female had warrants from Brockville for failing to attend court on the 28th of June as she had been charged with fraud in a previous case.  She was turned over to the Brockville Police and released with a future court date.


Bail Violations:

On the 22nd of June 2019 at 6:00 p.m. officers from the Brockville Police Service stopped a vehicle on Tunnel Ave.  The 30 year old driver of the vehicle was on court ordered conditions not to be out of his residence.  He was arrested without incident and held in custody for a bail hearing.

July 21, 2019 Incident


On the 21st of July at 12:33 a.m. police responded to a fight call at the Tim Horton’s Restaurant on William St.  The investigation has led to three adults facing charges for various offences.  The 21 year old victim was assaulted by three males after a dispute.  All parties were known to each other.  The suspects had left the area prior to police arrival.  Two males, both 21 years of age were arrested later that morning and charged with assault and assault with a weapon.  The one male had used a baseball bat to strike the victim in the chest.  The second male then grabbed the bat and hit the victim in the leg. They were released from custody with a future court and conditions not to associate with each other.  At 8:30 p.m. on the 21st of July the two males were observed by police walking together on King St. West.  One male was arrested for failing to comply with his bail condition.  The second male was not located as he fled while officers were dealing with the one suspect.  The one male was then held in custody.  The second male is still outstanding.

The third male, 19 years of age, who had started the altercation by striking the victim in the face is still outstanding.

July 19 – 21, 2019 Incidents

Personation and Distracted Driving:

On July 19th, 2019 at approximately 2:00 p.m. a motor vehicle stop was performed in the South area of the City in relation to a local, 39 year old female, texting on her cell phone while operating her vehicle. When the officer requested her driver’s licence she provided a false name and date of birth in attempts to deceive the officer and avoid the penalty of the Highway Traffic Act charge. Investigation revealed her true identity and she was charged with personation under the Criminal Code in addition to driving while operating a hand-held device.


On July 19th, 2019 at approximately 12:00 noon, a 31 year old female from the Prescott area, turned herself into police on three outstanding arrest warrants. The warrants were regarding two separate dates where she failed to attend court and one for failing to attend for fingerprinting regarding other related charges. She was held for bail and later released with conditions to abide by and a future court date.


On July 20th, 2019 at approximately 5:30 a.m., the Brockville Police Service received a call of a domestic dispute in the Center are of the City. Officers determined the dispute was between a local 19 year old male and 21 year old female.  The investigation revealed there were minor injuries to each as a result of a physical altercation. The altercation took place after a night of drinking. It was determined that the male had assaulted the female and also caused a significant amount of damage to various property in the residence. The male was arrested and held for bail as he was charged with domestic related assault and mischief under the Criminal Code.



July 19, 2019 Incidents


On July 19th at 12:47 a.m. officers from the Brockville Police Service stopped a white Ford pickup truck on William St.  The vehicle was being operated by a 29 year old Montreal man.  Officers found the male to be operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.  The male was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and drive with more than 80 milligram of alcohol.

July 14 – 15, 2019 Incidents

Impaired by Drug:

On the 15th of July at 6:30 p.m. officers from the Brockville Police Service responded to reports of a male hunched over the steering wheel of a large tow truck.  The vehicle was in a parking lot of the Wendy’s restaurant at Parkedale Ave. and Stewart Blvd.  When officers arrived on scene they discovered that the 52 year old driver of the vehicle was impaired by drug.  The driver was from Whitby Ontario and had no idea where he was.  He was arrested for being in care and control of the motor vehicle.  A search incident to arrest led to the discovery of a small amount of what is believed to be fentanyl.  He was charged and released with a future court date.  The vehicle was impounded for 7 days and his licence suspended for 90 days. 



On the 15th of July at 8:30 p.m. the Brockville Police Service received a call from the Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) at the Real Canadian Superstore.  The LPO observed a 35 year old male and a 32 year old select $180 worth of merchandise and leave the store making no attempt to pay.  The suspects left in a grey pick-up truck turning on to Highway 401.  Officers then stopped that vehicle and arrested the two parties for theft.  A search incident to arrest led to the discovery of a small quantity of methamphetamine on the 32 year old female.  Both were charged with theft under $5000 and the female was also charged with being in possession of a controlled substance.


Warrants/foot pursuit:

On the 15th of July at 10:28 p.m. an officer from the Brockville Police Service observed a wanted male in the area of King St. West and John St.  The 23 year old male had warrants for his arrest from Ottawa and Kingston.  He was also wanted by our service for a theft occurrence where he had taken an air conditioner from an apartment earlier in the week.  The male fled on foot when he realized police had located him.  A short foot pursuit led to his arrest for theft and his outstanding warrants from the other services.  He was processed on our theft charge and turned over to the Ottawa Police Service.



On the 14th of July 2019 at 6:33 p.m. officers responded to calls of a female beating up a male in the parking lot of the 1000 Islands Mall.  Officers located a 29 year old female and a 34 year old male.  The female had hit the male in the head several times with a beer can and then threw it at him.  She was arrested for assault with a weapon, failing to comply with a probation order and possession of a controlled substance.  The officers had located a small quantity of methamphetamine on her at the time of her arrest.  She was held in custody pending a bail hearing.

July 11 – 12, 2019 Incidents


A 39 year old male was arrested yesterday after police were dispatched to an address in the center of the city. The male had previously been involved in a relationship with the complainant. She contacted police when she woke and discovered that her vehicle’s tires had been slashed and her property entered. The investigation led to charges of break and enter against the 39 year old.



On the 10th of July 2019 officers were dispatched to the LCBO on Parkedale Ave in response a theft complaint. Video footage given to police identified a 34 year old male and a 29 year old female.

On the 11th of July 2019 at 12:30 p.m. officers were dispatched to the Balmoral area for a call of a male and female involved in a heated argument. The officers arrived on scene and discovered that the two involved in the domestic dispute were the wanted parties from the theft at the LCBO. Both were arrested and charged with theft. There were not any charges as a result of the domestic incident.