August 8 – 9, 2017 Incidents

Intoxicated male leads to criminal charge

On August 8th, during the evening hours, a 22 year old male was located in a north end residential area deeply under the influence of alcohol. Police determined he was on bail conditions where was not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol. As a result, he was placed under arrest and held in custody to appear before a judge today.


School Yard Property Damage

During the night of Monday August 7th, unknown parties attended Ange Gabriel School where they broke a lock to a gate. These people then began to damage some sheds and threw items around the school yard. If anyone has any information about this, please contact Cst. Adam McNish at 613-342-0127 extension 6096.

August 7 – 8, 2017 Incidents


On the 7th of August, 2017 at approximately 5:49 p.m. a 27 year old Prescott man was arrested by members of the Ontario Provincial Police on the strength of an outstanding warrant held by the Brockville Police Service. The man was wanted for failing to appear for court and was transported to the Brocvkille Police Service where he was held for bail.


Disturbance leads arrest for public intoxication

On the 7th of August, 2017 at approximately 6:32 p.m. police responded to report of people fighting in the area of Block House Island. As a result, a 25 year old Brockville man was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. The man was later released with a provincial offences notice.


Suspicious person call results in assault charges

On the 7th of August, 2017 at approximately 10:43 p.m. police received a complaint from a Brockville resident that her boyfriend and an unidentified man were fighting. Initial complaints concerned a man peeping into windows however after investigation a 28 year old man and boyfriend of the complainant was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon. The man was also on probation at the time of the offence and was charged with breaching conditions of his probation order. There were no injuries reported as a result of this matter. The man was released with a future court date.


Mental Health Act Apprehension

On the 8th of August, 2017 at approximately 1:32 a.m. an 18 year old Augusta Township man was apprehended under the authority of the mental health act. The Brockville Police received a 911 call from the suicidal man telling police he was experiencing a hard time and was thinking of jumping from an overpass. The man was located by police and transported to the Brockville General Hospital where he was placed on a Form one for necessary evaluation.


Theft from cars results in arrest

On the 8th of August, 2017 at approximately 3:37 a.m. police received reports of car alarms and vehicles being entered on Brock street. Police located an 18 year old Brockville man as a result of the intial call and arrested him for being in possession of stolen property. The man was later released with a future court date and conditions including a curfew.   Items were recovered and owners have yet to be identified. Police are asking those who were victims of thefts from cars from the previous evening to contact Cst. Jordan Latham at extension 6088.

August 4 – 5, 2017 Incidents

On the date of the 4th of August, 2017, the Brockville Police Service responded to 99 Havelock St. in Brockville to assist a distraught 30 year old man who was in crisis. He had barricaded himself in his home and doused himself and the property in gasoline and wanted to set himself on fire. After a near 5 hour standoff involving all aspects of the Brockville Police Service including police negotiators, the Brockville Fire Department and Ememergency Medical Services the man surrended peacefully to police and was conveyed to hospital for treatment.



On the morning of the 5th of August at approximately 3 oclock in the morning the Brockville Police received a complaint of a possible impaired driver. Shortly after an officer on patrol located the car at Stewart Blvd and Centennial Rd. It was determined that the driver of the vehicle was impaired due to the consumption of alcohol and arrested for the allegation. Breath samples were obtained which showed a blood alcohol level that was over 3 times the allowable legal limit. The operator was released with a future court.

Operation Dry Water

The Canadian Safe Boating Council and the Brockville Police Service Team Up to Reduce Impaired Boating Deaths

Drinking and boating accounts for approximately 40% of boating-related fatalities on Canadian waterways. To raise awareness and reduce alcohol related deaths, the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) and the Brockville Police Service is launching year 2 of an initiative called “Operation Dry Water” It’s goal is to discourage this dangerous practice.

With the summer boating season in high gear, the August 5th long weekend is the perfect time to remind Canadian boaters about the risks of drinking and boating. Combined with sun, wind, waves and the rocking motion of the boat, the effects of alcohol on the water can be greatly increased.

The CSBC and the Brockville Police Service would like, through this initiative, to raise attention to the problem of boating under the influence and to remind boaters not to drink and boat.

Operation Dry Water will focus on the potential risks of drinking and boating, and remedies that are currently in place to discourage it.

Federal statutes dictate that, whether or not your craft is motorized, you can be charged with Impaired Operation of a vessel under the Criminal Code of Canada if your blood alcohol level exceeds the .08 threshold.   This means you can be charged even if you are impaired while operating a canoe and a judge is able to, upon conviction, suspend your boating privileges. But that’s not all; it can get worse.

Operation Dry Water is aimed at reducing the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities on the water while fostering a stronger and more visible deterrent to alcohol use while boating. The end goal? To achieve safer and more enjoyable recreational boating.

During the month of August the Brockville Police Service Marine Unit will be out on the water conducting RIDE and on-water safety checks of vessels.

This initiative is made possible through support of Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety.


For additional information on boating safety please visit under CSBC Safety Campaigns.


For further information contact:     

Ian Gilson
Director – Canadian Safe Boating Council

A/S/Sgt Tom Fournier
Supervisor Patrol and Operations
613-342-0127 ext. 4258

August 3 – 4, 2017 Incidents

Bail Violations

A 24 year old Brockville man was arrested yesterday fternoon shortly after being released from custody at court.

On Wednesday evening an off duty officer spotted the male leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot whom the officer knew was wanted in relation to a weekend domestic incident. He was arrested in a vehicle on Laurier Boulevard and held for a Bail Hearing on Thursday at the Brockville Court.

In court on Thursday the young man was released into the custody of his surety and while they were leaving the court house, he and his surety became involved in an argument. The male then fled in a taxi and his surety reported the incident to the police and withdrew himself as surety. He was located a short time later in a north apartment building,arrested, and again held in custody.


Power Lines fall on vehicle

Two occupants in a parked van were fortunate to escape injury when a tree fell on their vehicle parked on James St.

Just before 7 pm last evening Brockville Police were called to the area of James Street West between Court House and Buell Streets when a tree fell on a parked van with two people inside. The falling tree also took down power lines that were in the area.

Both occupants remained in the vehicle while Hydro and Emergency Services attended and made the area safe for them to exit the vehicle and cut power to the lines.


Bicycle Safety

As the August long weekend arrives the Brockville Police Service would like to remind cyclists of some of their requirements to ride a bicycle on the roadways.

Under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario bicycles are considered vehicles and must obey the rules of the road just as other vehicles on the roadway. While riding a bicycle does not require the cyclist to have a licence, insurance, or licence plates and registration; cyclists must obey all traffic laws and cannot carry passengers. Cyclists must stay to the right to allow for faster moving vehicles to pass.

Children under the age of 18 years of age must wear a helmet and it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure their child is wearing their helmet.

For more information please visit the Ministry of Transportation website at

August 2 – 3, 2017 Incidents

Disturbance at Giant Tiger

Tempers flared in the heat yesterday afternoon as Brockville Police were called to a disturbance in the parking lot of Giant Tiger.

Just after 2:30 pm Brockville Police responded to a call of a fight between two men in progress in the parking lot. On arrival police separated the combatants who were known to officers. They learned it was a consensual fight between the two and neither party suffered significant injuries.

As a result, the two men one 18 years old and the other 21 years of age face fines under the City of Brockville fighting by-law.


Taxi calls for Assistance

A City Cab driver called for Brockville Police assistance after having difficulty with a female passenger yesterday afternoon.

At 2:45 pm officers responded to the intersection of Keefer Street and North Augusta Road after receiving a call from City Cab dispatch that one of their drivers needed assistance with a female passenger. When officers arrived they located the taxi at the intersection and found a 27 year old Prescott area woman in the taxi well under the influence of alcohol. The woman was removed from the taxi and placed under arrest for Public Intoxication.

She was conveyed to the Brockville Police Station where she was held until sober and released with a Provincial Offences Notice.


Arrest from Weekend Domestic Incident

A 24 year old Brockville man wanted in connection with a July 29th domestic assault was arrested late Wednesday evening when Cst. April Muldoon who was off duty spotted him in a vehicle in the Wal-Mart parking lot and travel north on California Ave and contacted the Brockville Police station.

On duty officers were able to catch up to the vehicle a short time later at 10:20 pm and made a traffic stop on Laurier Avenue. The 24 year old man was then arrested for assault with a weapon and breaching his probation in relation to the July 29th domestic and conveyed to the Brockville Police Service where he was held for a bail hearing on Thursday.

August 1 -2, 2017 Incidents

Seats for Kids Clinic

The Brockville Police and Seats for Kids partnered for a Car Seat clinic yesterday from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Canadian Tire parking lot on Parkedale Ave.

Of the 82 car seats checked:

• 14 seats were replaced by Seats for Kids (at no cost)

• 96% of the seats were being misused

• Only 4 of the 82 seats checked demonstrated proper use

Most common errors included the top tethers being too loose, seats not appropriate for the child’s age and development, loose installation straps, or the harness being too loose.

Seats for Kids are a Non-Profit organization from Ottawa dedicated to increasing the appropriate and correct use of child restraint systems. The organization also provides training for those who wish to volunteer with the organization and more information can be found at


Robbery Charges

A 23 year old Brockville man is facing charges of robbery in connection with an incident at the Tim Horton’s on William Street from July 26th.

Yesterday morning a 24 year old woman attended to the Brockville Police station to report she was outside the Tim Horton’s when the man attempted to grab a bag she was carrying and wrestle it from her. Eventually she was able to fight back and recovery the bag.

The woman suffered minor injuries during the altercation.


Impaired Driver

Brockville Police received a call at approximately 5:15 pm yesterday afternoon from a concerned citizen reporting a man leaving a downtown residence well under the influence of alcohol.

As officers responded the suspect did leave the scene but located a short time later at a residence on William Street still in the vehicle. He showed signs of impairment by alcohol and was arrested for impaired driving and conveyed to the Brockville Police station for breath tests in which he registered well over the legal limit.

A 50 year old Brockville man is now facing charges of impaired driving and driving with over the legal limit of alcohol in his system. He was released from custody when he was sober on a Promise to Appear and given a future court date.