Police Auction

The 2017 Police Auction date has been set for May 11th at the Memorial Centre. Details to follow!

April 26, 2017 Incidents


On the 26th of April, 2017 at approximately 8 am, a 43 year old Brockville man attended to the Brockville Police Service to surrender himself as the person responsible for the fraudulent use of a credit card. The incident was originally reported on the 27th of March, 2017 and the man was identified with the assistance of social media. The Brockville resident was cooperative and released with future court date.



On the 26th of April, 2017 police observed a 57 year old Brockville man while on general patrol. The man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failing to appear for fingerprints. The man was arrested, fingerprinted for outstanding matters and subsequently released on a Promise to Appear with a future court date.



On the 26th of April, 2017 a 49 year old Brockville man was located and arrested on the authority of an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The warrant had been issued in relation to a domestic incident reported on the 13th of April. The man was held for a bail hearing to appear on this date.



On the 26th of April, 2017 a 28 year old Brockville man was located and arrested after allegedly making threatening comments concerning a member of the judicial system. The man was cooperative with police and was held in custody to appear for a bail hearing on this date.


Mental Health Apprehension

On the 26th of April, 2017 a 61 year old Brockville woman was examined by her psychiatrist. The Doctor consequently issued a form one assessment and police consequently assisted in the woman’s apprehension and transport to the Brockville General Hospital. The woman was admitted for a necessary assessment surrounding mental health.


Impaired / Refuse Roadside

A 63 year old Brockville woman drove to the Brockville Police Service to report mischief to her vehicle. Police detected a strong odour of alcohol on her breath and demanded that she provide a sample of her breath to determine the concentration of alcohol in her blood. The woman refused to provide a sample of her breath and she was consequently charged with failing to provide a sample. The woman was released with a future court date. As a result of the refusal the woman’s car was impounded for 7 days and her licence immediately suspended for a period of 90 days as part of the Administrative Driver’s licence suspension program.




April 24, 2017 Incidents

Well Being Check

At approximately 1:25 am Brockville Police were called to check on the well-being of a man near the railway tracks in the area of Perth Street. The 40 year old male was located nearby and spoke with police. As a precautionary measure , he was conveyed to the Brockville General Hospital where was examined by doctors.


Breaching Conditions 

Last evening Brockville Police attended a Broadway Avenue residence and located a 17 year old female out past her court ordered curfew.

At 10:30 last evening officers received a call of the youth out past her curfew. Shortly before midnight the youth was located at the apartment on Broadway. As a result she was conveyed home and was further charged with breaching those conditions and issued a future court date.


April 20 – 21, 2017 Incidents

TM Suspect identified

The young man from the surveillance photo taken at the TD Bank Friday April 14th has been identified.

Corporate Security from the TD Bank contacted the Brockville Police Wednesday morning regarding damage done to one of its ATM machines on Friday April 14th at approximately 130 pm. Surveillance footage and a still photo were provided to police who sought the public’s assistance in identifying the young man involved.

Early Thursday evening, after police had received numerous tips of his identity, the male suspect attended to the Brockville Police of his own accord and turned himself in. He was charged with Mischief under $5000 and given a future court date.

The Brockville Police would like to thank everyone who took the time to phone, email and send messages to assist with the investigation.


Arrest Warrant Executed

A 39 year old Gananoque woman was arrested yesterday and returned to Brockville when she was located by the Gananoque Police.

While being dealt with by the Gananoque Police officers there discovered she had two outstanding warrants in Brockville for failing to attend for her fingerprints to be taken. As a result arrangements were made for Brockville and Gananoque officers to meet and transfer the woman into Brockville Police custody where she will be conveyed to Brockville Court today for a bail hearing.


Wal-Mart Theft Investigation

A male and female suspect is being sought in connection with a theft at Wal-Mart early yesterday afternoon.

Shortly after 12 noon yesterday, Loss Prevention officers at Wal-Mart observed a young female select two Home Theatre Systems and a Television, food and clothing a leave without attempting to pay. She was confronted by Loss prevention officers but fled to a waiting Chrysler Sebring Convertible driven by a male accomplice. The woman got into the vehicle and the couple fled the scene. Some of the items were recovered when she dropped them running to the car, and the value of the items taken was in excess of $1000.

Loss Prevention officers and police were able to obtain a license plate number of the vehicle and are presently reviewing video surveillance of the incident as this investigation is ongoing.

Anyone who was at Wal-Mart at the time and may have witnessed this incident is asked to contact Brockville Police at 613-342-0127 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8422.



April 20, 2017 Incidents

Mischief to ATM Machine

Staff at the TD Canada Trust contacted the Brockville Police yesterday afternoon to report that early Friday morning someone had kicked the ATM machine at their branch causing considerable damage.

At approximately 1:30 p.m. on Friday April 14th 3 males are observed in the vestibule area around the bank machines in the branch when the suspect described as being in his late 20’s, tall, slender build, wearing a blue t-shirt with white and red design on front, brown or tan pants, and dark shoes is observed kicking the ATM machine.

20170414 TD Bank mischief suspect

Anyone with information is asked to contact the investigating officer Cst. Dustin Gamble at 613-342-0127 ext. 6087


Domestic Disturbance

An early morning domestic disturbance today resulted in a 39 year old Brockville woman facing charges of Uttering Death Threats and going to court this afternoon for a bail hearing.

Police were called to a Central Ave apartment at 4:50 am this morning by the woman who was requesting officers attend the residence. When they arrived they found her common-law husband alone in the bedroom and the 39 year old woman intoxicated in the kitchen. While at the residence the dispute continued to escalate and the woman made several comments to the officers about her husband that caused officers to fear for his safety under the circumstances.

As a result, the woman was conveyed to Brockville Police headquarters until this afternoon when she will appear in Brockville court for a bail hearing.

April 18 – 19, 2017 Incidents

OPP Cruiser involved in minor collision

Early Monday evening Brockville Police responded to a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Stewart Boulevard and Jefferson Drive involving an OPP vehicle.

Shortly after 6:00 pm officers attended to the intersection when a 2017 Mitsubishi LES being operated by 57 year old male from the United States struck the OPP cruiser in the intersection. Leeds and Grenville EMS attended as a precaution to check on the well-being of an elderly passenger in the Mitsubishi who suffered minor injuries and was released at the scene.

The 57 year old man was charged with Failing to Stop for a Red Light under the Highway Traffic Act and given a Provincial Offences Notice. The OPP officer was not injured in the collision.


Disturbance on Pearl Street West

Residents on Pearl Street West near John Street were awakened late last evening by a disturbance involving three Brockville men.

Brockville Police received several calls shortly after 10pm last evening of a fight going on outside involving several men and the callers reported hearing glass breaking. On police arrival parties had left the area however officers observed blood on the deck of one of the residences in the area and located two of the involved males at a nearby house. While at the residence, officers observed a quantity of drugs which was seized. One of the males had cuts to his head and was transported to Brockville General Hospital for treatment of his injuries. Further investigation revealed the 28 year old male being treated at the hospital had outstanding warrants for his arrest and was already out of custody on bail conditions.

As a result when he was released from the hospital the 28 year old was taken into custody at the Brockville Police Service for the outstanding warrants and as a result of this incident is facing further drug charges and charges for breaching his bail conditions. He is being held in custody pending a bail hearing this afternoon. The other male, a 23 year old Brockville resident is facing drug charges and he was arrested as well and released from custody with a future court date.

April 17 – 18, 2017 Incidents

Community Services

A 32 year old Gananoque man was apprehended and conveyed to the Brockville General Hospital last evening for assessment after an incident at the Days Inn.

The man checked into the Days Inn approximately 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon where he was to stay for two nights. Staff at the hotel observed the male acting peculiar and wandering the hallways and seemingly in distress. Staff at the Days Inn eventually called Brockville Police shortly after 8:00 pm who attended and eventually conveyed him to the Brockville General Hospital for assessment.

The young man was admitted to the hospital after examination.


Trespassing by Night

A Pearl Street West resident called police last evening when she observed a male looking in her front window.

At approximately 9:30 pm last evening Brockville Police received a call from the female resident on Pearl St West in the area between John and Daniel Street looking into the front window of her residence. Because it was dark outside she was only able to give a limited description of an older male who seemed to have a tape measure visible on his belt. He was last seen walking westbound on Pearl St West toward John Street.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the investigating officer Cst. Mike Boszormeny at the Brockville Police at 613-342-0127 ext. 6075.

April 17, 2017 Incidents

Mischief to vehicles

Police again received complaints of mischief to vehicles parked in the area of Kensington Pkwy. Reports of slashed tires on three separate vehicles were received. Police encourage anyone with information to contact the Brockville Police Service and or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

April 15 – 16, 2017 Incidents

North End Business Break-ins

Police are investigating two break and enters to two separate businesses at the Stewart Plaza and Walmart Centre that occurred between the 13th and 15th of April where an undisclosed amount of cash taken. The matter is still under investigation. If you have any information, please contact Cst. Keith Grace.


Mischief to Property

Police are investigating a series of incidents involving mischief to several vehicles in the parking lot of the Millwood Avenue townhomes which occurred sometime overnight on Friday. Several of the vehicles had damage to the windshields and wiper blades were removed. The matter is still being investigated. If you have any information please contact the investigating officer, Cst. Keith Grace.



In the early morning hours of April 16th 2017, police attended a downtown residence for a domestic dispute. A 22 year old female was arrested and charged with assault and was released a future court date.


April 15th, 2017 Incidents

Arrest Warrant

In February Brockville Police had arrested a 41 year old male for dangerous driving and fleeing from police. He also disposed of illicit narcotics during the pursuit which were recovered. He was released with a future court date and on conditions, one of which was not to operate a motor vehicle.   The accused then failed to attend court in April and a warrant was issued for his arrest. On the date of April 14th 2017 the Ontario Provincial Police stopped this man for speeding on the 401 highway in the Kingston area. He was charged with breaching his conditions and suspended driving and conveyed to the Brockville Police. He was arrested for the offence of failing to attend court and held for video remand court this morning. The court released him on an undertaking with a future court date.



On the morning of the 15th of April a disturbance broke out in a north end restaurant between a 28 year old male and his 22 year old step son. Both had been drinking and became involved in an argument with each other. The older male lost the battle and fled shirtless and bleeding from the nose. He was located by police a short distance away and taken into custody for his drunken behavior. He was released in the morning when sober.


Dangerous Prank

A 26 year old local man was the victim of a dangerous prank by an irresponsible driver and friends. The man was walking home in the area George Street and Beecher Street at approximately 3:00 am this morning when what he described as an orange 4 door Dodge Charger drove by him at high speed almost mounting the sidewalk and threw a Subway take out cup full of drink at him and hit him with it. We would very much appreciate any information about the responsible persons and can be contacted at our service at 613-342-0127.