Police Auction

The 2017 Police Auction date has been set for May 11th at the Memorial Centre. Details to follow!

Stingers & BPS – After School Program

Stingers & Brockville Police Service present an After School Program, Grades 7 – 12

Every Tuesday from 3:00 – 5:30 at Stingers


Laser Tag, Zorb Ball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Homework Help

Snacks available.

March 26 – 27, 2017 Incidents

Impaired Driver

A 74 year old Athens area man is facing impaired driving charges, after Brockville Police received a report of an impaired driver near Mark’s Work Wearhouse in the city’s north end yesterday morning.

A citizen contacted the Brockville Police around 11:20 am yesterday to advise she had been following a vehicle and was concerned with their driving. She provided officers with a vehicle description and officers were able to locate the car at the Mark’s parking lot where the driver was arrested for impaired driving. He was conveyed to the Brockville Police Service where he provided breath samples of almost three times the legal limit.

He was released when sober with a future court date.


Domestic Disturbance

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 2 pm Brockville Police responded to a call of a domestic disturbance at a residence on Central Avenue between a 20 year old female victim and her 20 year old boyfriend.

During the argument the young woman was able to get a message to a friend that an argument was taking place who called the police on her behalf.

On officers arrival they learned an assault had taken place earlier and the 20 year old Brockville man was arrested and conveyed to Brockville Police headquarters where he was released with several conditions and given a future court date.

March 26, 2017 Incident

Impaired Driving

On Sunday at 11:10 am police responded to a complaint of a possible impaired driver in the City’s north end. Police observed the male operating his vehicle and he was subsequently arrested for impaired driving. The subject provided a breath sample that was three times over the legal limit. He has been charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and released with a future court date.

March 24 – 25, 2017 Incidents


A 40 year old male was arrested on an outstanding warrant as he was observed traveling on Parkedale Ave. The male was transported to the Brockville Jail to serve out his sentence. The subject was also charged for driving while under suspension.



Police are investigating three separate occurrences where tires of vehicles were slashed in the downtown core. If anyone has any information they are asked to contact Brockville Police .

March 23 – 24, 2017

Unused Medication brought to School

Shortly after 1:00 pm yesterday afternoon Brockville Police responded with Leeds and Grenville EMS to assist staff at a local public school after a student brought some of his parent’s medication to school and shared it with friends. Staff at the school acted quickly and three youths were conveyed by EMS to Brockville General Hospital (BGH) and were examined and later released to their parents.

Further investigation revealed the children found the medication in an old purse of one of the children’s parents, which the parent thought was empty. The child brought the medication to school and the students experimented with the pills and soon did not feel well. Staff at the school contacted emergency services immediately upon learning of this and the students were conveyed to BGH. Fortunately, for all involved everyone is in good health.

Letters went home from the school to all students in the classrooms of the youths involved informing the parents of what had taken place and the staff, school and school board are working very closely with their community partners to educate students on the dangers of taking medications not prescribed for the person.

The public is reminded to safeguard all medications in your house and in your possession. Please destroy any unused or expired medications by returning it to your local pharmacy.


Traffic Initiative: School Zones

Traffic officers from the Brockville Police Service set up in the Kensington Parkway area yesterday morning from 8am -11am looking for speeders and distracted drivers.

Officers issued 9 speeding tickets during this time frame with the fastest stopped for 72 km/h in the 40 km/h school zone.

March 21 – 22, 2017 Incidents

Arrest from weekend Domestic Disturbance

Officers from the Brockville Police Service responded to a 9-1-1 hang-up up call early Saturday morning and when they arrived they found the female resident had left the residence and her common law spouse inside. The male had been drinking and told officers all were fine, the call was dialed in error by his spouse who had left.

Police continued to look for the woman to check on her well-being and ensure her safety and eventually located her. She advised officers they had been with friends for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at their apartment before going out for the evening. When they returned to their residence after being out she and her common-law husband began to have an argument which turned physical. She called 9-1-1 before fleeing the residence.

As a result of the call and subsequent follow-up investigation police obtained a warrant for the arrest of the 41 year old Brockville man. On Wednesday afternoon at 2:10 pm police executed the warrant at the residence and arrested the male without incident. He was held in custody pending a bail hearing Thursday afternoon.


Breach of Probation

A 27 year old Brockville man is facing Breach of Probation charges after officers attended to a domestic disturbance early this morning at a Kensington Parkway residence.

At 4:45 am police responded to a complaint of a domestic disturbance taking place at the residence. On arrival officers found the young man and his girlfriend having a verbal argument. The parties agreed to stop and go their separate ways for the night but further investigation revealed the man to have outstanding warrants for Breaching his Probation. As a result he was arrested for Breach of Probation and later released from custody with a future court date.


Fraudulent Water Inspector Scam

Brockville Police received several calls during the day Wednesday from residents who were getting phone calls from a company to check on their water systems. Police have confirmed with Jason Barlow Chief Operator –Water Systems for the City of Brockville they are not making these calls to residents in the city.

Phone numbers on the call display from these scammers are “spoofed “or disguised so the origin of the calls cannot be traced. They will often show up on call displays as strange combination of numbers that have been auto programmed.

Residents are encouraged to politely decline the request for inspection and to not let contractors into their homes for water inspections that they have not solicited.

Fraud Tip – Phishing Scam

Phishing Scam

The word phishing comes from the analogy that Internet scammers are using email lures to ‘fish’ for passwords and financial data from the sea of Internet users.

Phishing, also called “brand spoofing”; is the creation of email messages and Web pages that are replicas of existing, legitimate sites and businesses. These Web sites and emails are used to trick users into submitting personal, financial, or password data. These emails often ask for information such as credit card numbers, bank account information, social insurance numbers, and passwords that will be used to commit fraud.

The goal of criminals using brand spoofing is to lead consumers to believe that a request for information is coming from a legitimate company. In reality it is a malicious attempt to collect customer information for the purpose of committing fraud.

Often these ‘phishing’ emails will contain spelling errors or ask you to respond to a web browser account with a hotmail, gmail, or yahoo email account which are sure signs the email is fraudulent.

Do not respond to any emails requesting personal or financial information and never give out your password online. If you have any questions about the email you have received please contact your local financial institution and ask questions about it before responding.

March 21 – 22, 2017 Incidents

Fraud at Petro Canada

Yesterday morning Brockville Police responded to a complaint at the Petro Canada at 340 Stewart Blvd of 3 males using a Petro Points App on their phone to purchase pre-paid VISA cards.

At 930 am yesterday morning officers attended and spoke with staff at the Petro Canada and learned that the suspects attended inside the store and purchased the cards using their phone app. It wasn’t until after they had left staff learned the Points Card numbers used in the phone app were either fraudulent or stolen.

During the investigation police also learned that the Petro Canada at 325 Stewart Blvd was also a victim of the scam and this fraud is in use along the Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa highway corridor.

Businesses are encouraged to act cautiously when accepting points or reward cards as payment for prepaid VISA cards or gift cards especially in large amounts. Either ask for the actual card or for identification of the customer when possible.


Grandparent Scam:

The “grandparent” scam is active in the Brockville area again.

In this scam, residents will receive a phone call saying a family member has been involved in an accident or similarly is in some sort of difficulty while away travelling or on business. The caller will say the loved one is in need of money immediately for such things as medical treatment, travel expenses, or bail money and will provide an address to wire the information.

Please do not send money to anyone you do not know. Check with your other family members about the loved one, prior to sending any money.


Busy 24 hour period:

The Brockville Police responded to 34 calls for service during the 24 hour period from 7 am Tuesday morning until 7 am Wednesday morning. There were 4 calls of suspicious persons near businesses or residences, 4 community service calls to assist our partner agencies, 3 alarm calls, 2 threatening complaints and 2 calls for domestic disputes. In addition officers responded to a number of traffic complaints and collisions.