February 18 – 19, 2019 Incidents


On the 18th of February 2019 at 10:00 p.m. officers on routine patrol were flagged down by a witness who reported that he had just observed a male trying car doors as he walked up the street. A description of the suspect was provided to police who located the male at the Quickie convenience store on William St. The officers spoke with the male it was learned that he had just committed a theft at the store. The male was arrested and later released with a future court date.



On the 18th of February 2019 at 5:00 p.m. police along with Brockville Fire responded to a vehicle fire on Ravina Place. The owner of the vehicle had just returned home entered his residence then discovered that his vehicle had caught fire. The fire is not suspicious and there were not any injuries as a result.

February 17 – 18, 2019 Incidents


On the 17th of February 2019 at 10:00 p.m. the Brockville Police Service responded to a domestic assault on Brock Street. Witnesses contacted police who indicated they observed a female being pulled by the hair across a parking lot and thrown into a van. That van was located and stopped by police a short distance away. The female and male were both located in the vehicle. A 42 year old male has been charged with 6 counts of assault, forcible confinement and mischief. He has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.


Noise Complaint

On the 18th of February 2019 at 2:40 a.m. officers responded to a noise complaint on King St. West. Police had responded to several calls for the noise complaint as the male responsible for the noise refused to turn down the music. The male was eventually arrested and charged with mischief. He has been released from custody with a future court date.

February 15 – 17, 2019 Incidents

From the 15th of February to today, the 17th, the Brockville Police Service attended to 54 calls for service.

On Friday the 15th of February officers made 4 separate arrests in relation to 4 completely different cases pertaining to subjects wanted on outstanding arrest warrants for various offences. In all but 1 case they were released with future court dates. One male, a 39 year old local man had been wanted since October 2018 for allegations of causing bodily harm to another person in an assault complaint. He had been arrested by a neighboring police agency for offences committed in that jurisdiction. When their investigation was complete he was released to Brockville and arrested on his outstanding warrant and held for bail. He was remanded into custody and will appear again on the 19th for bail review.

Further on the same Friday, officers investigated two different calls alleging bail condition violations being committed. In each case police are now seeking the arrest of a 63 year old male and a 20 year old male for breaching conditions of a previous release agreements.

On Saturday evening, the 16th of February, Brockville Police had received notification from a neighboring police service that they had in custody a 44 year old male that had an outstanding warrant for an assault investigation dating back to July of 2018. Officers made the journey and executed the warrant, bringing the subject back to Brockville to appear before court. He was remanded into custody pending bail review for the 19th of February.


February 13 – 14, 2019 Incidents


The Brockville Fire Department and the Brockville Police Service responded to a residential fire at 49 Waverly Drive at 5:30 a.m. today. No injuries were reported as a result of the fire, but there was extensive damage to the residence. The fire has been deemed not suspicious.


3 Day suspension

Officers conducted a traffic stop on King St. at 11:30 p.m. last night for a possible impaired driver. Officers seized a quantity of marijuana that was accessible to the driver and suspended his driver’s licence for 3 days as he failed a sobriety test.



February 12 – 13, 2019 Incidents


A 14 year old female was arrested yesterday morning as a warrant had been issued for her arrest for failing to attend court. The warrant had been issued moments before officers observed her.



On February 12th at 6:10 p.m. officers responded to a domestic dispute in the city’s south end. As a result of the complaint a 29 year old male has been charged with mischief and assault. He was held in custody pending his bail hearing.

February 11 – 12, 2019 Incidents


On the 11th of February, 2019, 2 wanted individuals were located in relation to outstanding warrants being held with the Brockville Police Service. A 31 year old male was wanted in relation to failing to appear for court. He was released with a future court date. A 53 year old female was also located for failing to appear for court and fingerprints in relation to an outstanding theft charge. She was held in custody pending a show cause hearing.


Break and Enter

On the 11th of February, 2019, Brockville Police Service attended to an address in relation to a 31 year old male entering their unlocked residence and stealing some electronics. The accused who is well known to police was located within the vicinity and still in possession of the stolen items. He was arrested and held in custody pending a show cause hearing.


January 10 – 11, 2019 Incidents

Public intoxication

A 46 year old male and a 59 year old male were arrested for public intoxication last night in two separate incidents.

The first male was discovered unconscious in a snow bank. Due to his intoxicated state and the lack of ability to care for himself, he was arrested for his own safety. He was later released when sober.

The second male was also found in a state that caused officers to fear for his safety due to his alcohol consumption. He was also arrested for his own safety and held in custody until sober.

February 7 – 8, 2019 Incidents


On February 7, 2019 at 5:42 a.m., police along with the Brockville Fire Department responded to a very minor fire at the RBC on Parkedale Ave. Suspect(s) had lit a quantity of envelopes on fire in the lobby area by the automated tellers. There wasn’t any damage to the business as the fire was extinguished by a passerby. The CCTV footage will be reviewed in order to identify a suspect.


Domestic Assault

A 28 year old female has been charged with assault in relation to a domestic dispute that took place in the city’s south end. She has been released from custody with a future court date.


Prohibited Driver

On February 7, 2019 at 9:50 p.m., a vehicle was stopped for erratic driving on Central Ave. The driver was identified and it was discovered that he was a suspended driver. His vehicle was impounded and he was charged for driving while under suspension.



February 6 – 7, 2019 Incidents

Warrant Execution

The Kingston Police Service along with members of Brockville Police executed search warrant today at 78 Perth Street in relation to a fourth male involved in the shooting in Kingston on the 29th of January 2019. Please contact the media relations officer, Cameron Mack, at the Kingston Police for any further information.


Public Intoxication

On Tuesday February 5th at 6:10 p.m., members of the Brockville Police Service were dispatched to the Travelodge on Kent Blvd. for an intoxicated male. The male was in the lobby area of the hotel causing a disturbance.   He was located by officers and arrested for the offence of being intoxicated in a common area. He was held in custody until sober and released with a $55 fine.


Water Main

The water main break on Parkedale Ave. between California Ave and Ormond St. continues. City staff are working to repair the issue. Parkedale Avenue will remain closed at that location until it is repaired.


February 4 – 5, 2019 Incidents

Breach of Court Conditions

A 45 year old male and a 32 year old female were observed together on Broadway Ave at 1:00 am this morning. Both parties were on conditions not to associate with each and as a result of the breach they were both arrested. The male was released from custody with a future court date and the female was held in custody pending a bail hearing.



A 36 year old female was arrested on the 4th of February at 5:00 a.m. when police located her on Home St. The female had previously failed to attend court and a warrant was issued for her arrest. The female was also charged with being in possession of a controlled substance.