Special Olympics Torch Run

The run begins at Metro on King Street, finishes at Brockville Home Hardware on Stewart Blvd.

BBQ will be held at Home Hardware, all proceeds to the Special Olympics

June 7 – 8, 2017 Incidents

Social Media Video

Brockville Police have received numerous reports from concerned citizens about a video circulating on social media sites from LiveLeak.com and CreepHunterTV. The first reports came forward to police on May 28th of the existence of the video and it was assigned to the detective office for further investigation.

The video and allegations remain under investigation by the Brockville Police Service Detective office at this time.


Assault at Tim Horton’s

Officers were called to the Tim Horton’s on William Street late Tuesday in response to an altercation which took place earlier that morning.

The 28 year old victim advised police that he was struck by the 38 year old male suspect after an argument in the parking lot in which he suffered minor injuries.

Police are still looking to speak with the suspect. Anyone with information is asked to contact Cst. April Muldoon the investigating officer at 613-342-0127 ext. 6077.


Arrest Warrant Executed

A 19 year old Brockville woman was arrested late Tuesday evening at the Tim Horton’s on William Street when officers spotted her and confirmed she had outstanding warrants.

The woman was scheduled to appear in Brockville court on May 12th, 2017 in relation to fraud charges stemming from an incident first reported to police in January. When she failed to show the court issued a warrant for her arrest.

The woman was released with a new court date and now faces an additional charge of failing to attend court.


June 5 – 6, 2017 Incidents

Assault with a Weapon arrest

A 39 year old Brockville area male has been charged in relation to a physical altercation Monday morning.

Brockville Police responded to a residence on Perth Street at approximately 9 am on Monday the 5th of June, 2017, on a complaint of a physical altercation in progress. Information was received that a dispute was escalating quickly and 2 males were involved in the dispute. The above mentioned 39 year old male assaulted the other by striking him with a child’s scooter and causing damage to a vehicle with a shovel.

Officers attended the area and quickly located the males involved. As a result the suspect male was arrested for assault with a weapon and mischief under $5,000. He was released on a promise to appear and officer in charge undertaking with a future court date.



On the 5th of June, 2017, the Brockville Police Service located and arrested a 19 year old, local female, who had an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to attend court. She was released on a promise to appear and officer in charge undertaking with a future court date.


Fail to Remain Collision

On the 5th of June, 2017, at approximately 6pm, the Brockville Police Service received multiple 911 calls in regards to a fail to remain motor vehicle collision. The collision took place as a vehicle turned from East bound on King Street West at a high rate of speed to North bound on Buell St. The suspect vehicle was a small silver Volkswagen that lost control on the corner and struck a parked vehicle. The suspect then fled the area at a high rate of speed after causing significant damage to both vehicles.

Shortly after, the suspect vehicle was located in the South East area of the city. The suspect driver was identified to be a local, 20 year old male. He was placed under arrest and charged for the offences of dangerous driving and fail to remain. Alcohol was believed to be a factor in the incident, however, the male suspect also refused to provide a breath sample to determine the level of alcohol in question. Due to his choice of refusal, he was also charged with refusing to provide the breath sample. He was released on a promise to appear with a future court date.

Scam Alert

The Brockville Police have been receiving numerous calls regarding a potential scam in our area.  A company is calling residents alleging to be conducting water sampling in the area.  The City of Brockville does not have any contracted company working on their behalf to test water.  If you receive a call regarding water testing in Brockville we suggest you hang up or delete the text. 


We have fielded over a dozen calls in the past hour.


June 4 – 5, 2017 Incidents

Arrest in Domestic Disturbance

A 37 year old Brockville area woman has been charged in relation to a domestic occurrence on Saturday afternoon.

Brockville Police responded to a Brock Street residence shortly before 5 pm on Saturday on a complaint of a domestic dispute. On arrival things had calmed and the female accused had left the residence. Officers continued to investigate and learned that during the argument the woman grabbed some art work from the walls and threw it at her husband and striking him in the shoulder area.

It was also learned that at the time of the incident the domestic dispute the woman was released on a recognizance of bail with several conditions including not to communicate with the 38 year old male victim and not to attend the address on Brock St.  

As a result she is now facing charges of Assault with a Weapon, Mischief under $5000, and 3 counts of breaching her Recognizance.


Fire at the Brockville Jail

Yesterday afternoon, Police attended with the Brockville Fire Department to a report of a small fire at the Brockville Jail.

At approximately 2:45 pm yesterday afternoon Police and Fire were called to the jail near the Wall Street entrance. The fire was quickly extinguished but prisoners were moved outside into the yard for a short period of time while firefighters cleared the smoke from within the building. There were no injuries as a result of the fire.

This incident remains under investigation.


Stewart Blvd Road Closure – June 7th

Stewart Boulevard between Parkedale Avenue and Chelsea Court will be closed for approximately one hour Wednesday June 7th between 2 pm – 3 pm as Hydro One replaces a Power Line crossing Stewart Boulevard.

Detours will be in effect during this time.

Police and Hydro officials hope to minimize traffic disruption during this time period and get the road open as soon as possible and ask for the publics assistance and understanding during this time period



Road Closure – June 7 – Stewart Blvd

Stewart Blvd Road Closure – June 7th

Stewart Boulevard between Parkedale Avenue and Chelsea Court will be closed for approximately one hour Wednesday June 7th between 2 pm – 3 pm as Hydro One replaces a Power Line crossing Stewart Boulevard.

Motorists are asked to use Windsor Drive during this time period as an alternate north/south route.

Police and Hydro officials hope to minimize traffic disruption during this time period and get the road open as soon as possible and ask for the publics assistance and understanding during this time.


June 1 – 2, 2017 Incidents

Assaulting Police Charges

A 51 year old Brockville man is facing charges of Mischief, Uttering Threats, Assault and Assaulting a Peace officer as a result of a disturbance at a downtown apartment yesterday afternoon.

Just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon officers were called to the King Street East building, after the building’s landlord became afraid for her safety from one of her tenants when asking him for the monthly rent money. On arrival, officers learned the man became enraged after being asked for his rent, yelling and swearing at the woman, ripping pictures off the wall and throwing pictures and books at the landlord.

After speaking with the victim, police attended to his apartment in attempt to get his version of the events. When the man answered the door he continued to yell and swear at the officers, threatening them before throwing a water bottle at one of the officers striking him in the face and cutting the officer.

The man was subsequently taken into custody and held overnight and will appear at a bail hearing later today.


Public Intoxication

Two males were taken into custody yesterday after officers became concerned for their well-being because of their level of intoxication.

At 8:55 a.m. Brockville Police were contacted by the colleagues from the OPP of a man walking near the 401 on Stewart Blvd who was well under the influence of alcohol.

When officers were able to stop the male he was unable to care for himself and were very concerned he would fall into traffic. As a result he was conveyed to the Brockville Police Service and released later in the day with a Provincial Offences Notice for public intoxication when he was sober.

Approximately 12:20 p.m. yesterday afternoon Brockville Police were called to the area of Pearl and William Streets after a citizen was concerned for the well-being of a 57 year old man behind a garbage dumpster. When police arrived they located the man who was well under the influence of alcohol and unable to care for himself at the time.

As a result he too, was arrested for public intoxication and conveyed to Brockville Police Headquarters and held until sober, when he was released with a Provincial Offences Notice.


Marine Rescue

Marine Units from both the Brockville Police Service and the OPP assisted some stranded campers returning to shore from Black Charlie Island late last evening.

At 11:45 pm Brockville Police received a call from a 16 year old youth who advised police he and his friends were camping out on Black Charlie Island. He had made the first trip to the island and had dropped off four of his friends and while enroute back to shore to get more of his friends, they struck something in the water damaging his prop and making his motor inoperable. They managed to make it back to shore by paddling but he was concerned about his friends still on the island.

After not hearing from the 16 year old, his friends on the island contacted the OPP, to report they were stranded on the island and looking for assistance. As a result, the Brockville Police Marine unit and a Unit for the OPP attended to Black Charlie Island and retrieved all the stranded campers and their equipment and brought them back to shore safely.

Brockville Police would like to remind boaters of the dangers of debris in the river with the high water levels. The danger increases when boats are travelling at higher rates of speed and especially at night. If you are on the water, please use caution.




May 31 – June 1, 2017 Incidents

Family Dispute leads to arrest at Via Station

A 37 year old Spencerville area man is facing charges of threatening, mischief under $5000 and breaching his probation order as result of a family dispute yesterday which ended at the Brockville VIA Station.

At approximately 7:35 pm last evening Brockville Police received a call of an intoxicated male walking along the railway tracks near the VIA station. Responding officers eventually located the man inside the VIA station. Upon conversing with the man, he became confrontational with police. He was subsequently arrested and handcuffed, then he turned and threatened his family members who were present with him inside the VIA Rail building. He was then carried to the police vehicle where once inside the vehicle he continued to kick at the cruiser door, bending the door such that it would not close.

Family members also disclosed that the 37 year old man had been drinking all day long and prior to arriving at the VIA Station, he had threatened his brother and to burn the family house down. It was further learned the man was also on probation with a condition that he abstain absolutely from the consumption of alcohol.

He was held overnight and is to appear for a bail hearing today.

Stingers & BPS – After School Program

Stingers & Brockville Police Service present an After School Program, Grades 7 – 12

Every Tuesday from 3:00 – 5:30 at Stingers


Laser Tag, Zorb Ball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Homework Help

Snacks available.

May 29 – 30, 2017 Incidents

Rental Scam Re-appears in the area

Police in the Brockville area are again receiving reports of fraudulent classified ads appearing online for rental properties in preferred locations. In the latest twist, scammers are copying pictures advertised for sale on legitimate real estate websites, and offering them as a rental property through online classified ads.

The scammer will portray themselves as a landlord working out of town or even overseas and they are seeking good tenants to look after the property. A deposit is required to secure the rental and when the prospective tenant asks about a showing they are not available because he is out of town, but pictures are available and a full refund offered if the rental unit does meet satisfaction.

Locally, home owners contacted police when prospective tenants notified them their house had been advertised in an online classified ad.

Persons searching for rental properties should do the following to protect themselves before sending any money:

  • When searching rental go to the address and schedule a showing and confirm its availability
  • Request a lease or contract
  • Complete open source internet searches on the property to ensure it is not a duplicate
  • Do NOT send funds to strangers
  • Contact Equifax or Transunion if you have provided sensitive information on rental applications
  • As always “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”


Intoxicated Man Arrested at Loaves and Fishes

A 47 year old Brockville man was intoxicated and becoming aggressive with volunteers and patrons of Loaves and Fishes yesterday afternoon resulting in his arrest for Public Intoxication.

At approximately 5:20 p.m. Brockville Police received a panic alarm from Loaves and Fishes and responding officer located the male still inside. He was known to the officers and found to be well under the influence of alcohol. For the safety of all involved he was arrested for Public Intoxication and conveyed to the Brockville Police Ssation where he spent the night until sober. He was released with a Provincial Offences Notice in the morning.


Arrest Warrant Executed

A 21 year old Brockville man turned himself in at the Brockville Police Service early yesterday afternoon after learning he had an outstanding warrant for failing to attend for fingerprints.

On the 2nd of May the young man was charged for failing to notify the Brockville Police Service he had changed his address as per the conditions of his bail release and was released from custody with a condition that he attend the Brockville Police Service on May 25th to have his fingerprints taken. When he failed to show on that occasion a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He now faces charges of failing to appear for Idents and breach of his undertaking and will appear at future date in Brockville court.