Brockville Police crest
We are proud to present you with the 2018 – 2020 Business Plan of the Brockville Police Service. We are fortunate in Brockville as the Board, Association and Administration work closely and collaboratively.   We understand that you expect the police to improve the quality of life in Brockville, keep you safe and your property secure. We also understand that you expect the police service to be efficient and sustainable for years to come. The Brockville Police Service has undergone many changes in order to streamline services and control costs associated with policing.   We stand behind our people and the service they provide to our community. Partnerships with our community are what make us strong. As we move forward partnerships will continue to be our theme. It is anticipated that the policing landscape will be changing over the coming years and we look forward to working with you during this time. Community mobilization is more than just a term in Brockville, it is our communities’ response to crime and community policing.
The 2018-2020 Business Plan is our tool to provide guidance and leadership to the Brockville Police Service over the coming years.   Our methods of delivery in areas such as community patrol and crime prevention are addressed and information relating to our facility and information technology is identified.   A strong police service is comprised of strong individuals. Keeping our employees safe and providing our staff with resources, education and equipment will assist in the delivery of excellence in policing to our community. We trust you will find the information contained in this report helpful and we look forward to working alongside you in making Brockville a safe and vibrant community.

King Yee Jr                     Scott Fraser
Chair                               Chief of Police