In our ever changing society, personal security has become a real concern, even in Brockville. We cannot build a fortress around our towns or houses to protect ourselves. We can however, prepare for these situations if they occur.

The following are a few fundamental safety tips on different topics:

General Personal Safety:

  • Do not carry large quantities of money on you.
    • If possible shop or travel with a friend. You are less likely to be approached or feel intimidated if you are with someone.
    • Avoid giving money to panhandlers. If you decide to give money, do not open your wallet or purse as it displays how much cash or valuables you are carrying with you. This may encourage a panhandler to become aggressive or try to take your property. Instead carry a few loose dollars in your pocket or have the money already in hand.
    • If at any time you feel threatened when you are out of your residence go to the nearest business.
    • Carry a cell phone for emergency purposes. Emergencies can happen at any time. Pay as you go phones can be purchase for a minimal amount and could save a life.

 Apartment Buildings/Homes/Care Facilities:

  • Lock your door when you leave your suit and upon returning home. Always use your deadbolt (and chain lock if you have one)
  • Don’t allow anyone into your building that you do not know or immediately recognize. If you are not expecting anyone do not buzz them in.
  • If someone is trying to follow you into the building use another entrance or go back to your vehicle.
  • Do not keep large quantities of money in your suite
  • Use your peep hole to see who is knocking at your door. If you do not recognize them or if you do not have a peep hole and do not recognize their voice DO NOT LET THEM IN. Do not open your door just to check to see who they are. If they are persistent and won’t leave the area, call the police.

 Credit and debit card

  • Protect your bank and credit card PIN numbers. Do not share your PIN.
  • Never provide personal information over the Internet. If you shop online, ensure there are good security protocols in place. Review your credit card statements for information security. Only shop on reputable websites.
  • Immediately advise your bank if you suspect fraud.
  • Change your bank or credit card PIN number often.

 Safety at Bank Machines

  • Avoid using after dark.
  • Bring a buddy with you or use bank machines while others are around.
  • If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, or any suspicious persons, continue on to another machine.
  • If you think you are being followed, go to a public place with a lot of people.
  • Have your access card and other documents ready.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings, glance up frequently during transactions.
  • Memorize your PIN number.
  • Secure your card, money and transaction slip when completed.
  • Do not display cash openly.
  • Do not remove large amounts of money at one time, remember you can use your debit card to make purchases at stores and don’t have to rely on cash.
  • When leaving, be alert to anything suspicious.

Safety at Night

  • Avoid walks or exercising at night and if you do, use the buddy system.
  • Avoid poorly lit areas.
  • Avoid short cuts and use main streets where possible.
  • If asked for directions, answer from a distance of 6-10 feet or more.
  • When leaving your car or getting off a bus, be alert to anything of a suspicious nature.
  • If you are being followed, go to a well-lit area with people.

Safety While Shopping

  • Go shopping with a relative, friend or a group of people.
  • Be alert to your surroundings.
  • Be aware of persons all around you.
  • Walk with confidence.
  • Avoid talking to strangers.

 Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Everyone is vulnerable to abuse of different kinds, and sexual assault is no exception.
  • Sexual assault is any unwanted act of a sexual nature which can range from touching to intercourse, and even endangerment of life.
  • Sexual assault can happen in marriage or during dating relationships.
  • Offenders will not respect colour, creed or age.
  • The Assault Response and Care Centre phone number is 613-345-3881 or 1-800-567-7415 or , ou en francais S.O.S. femmes – 1-800-387-3603.
  • Remember – you are not alone.

Points to Remember

  • If you are robbed, don’t argue or try to resist.
  • Carry a personal alarm or a whistle.
  • Don’t let fear of crime rule your life and stop you from doing the things that you enjoy. Simple precautions such as this can make every outing safe and secure.
  • Use 911 in an emergency.
  • Give police information you have on a crime. Even if you can’t identify the offender, ever little bit helps. Example: description of offenders, direction they have headed, time, details of the offence, car registration/description, witness details.
  • Don’t think you will make things worse by involving the police – they will protect you.
  • If we can stop one person from committing a crime, there is a good chance we will prevent them from carrying out more crimes in the future.