A Message to the Citizens of Brockville

We offer our community a simple promise, to provide the finest policing available. The Brockville Police Service is staffed, trained and equipped to offer the latest technology and dedicated personnel; a progressive policing service specializing in community policing. We believe that our community deserves the best and that is what we strive to do on a daily basis.

Adequate and Effective policing is a basic right and a necessity. It is a front line service most important to the quality of life in any community. Municipalities have difficult decisions to make, in supporting a service that is so vital. Decision makers are challenged as never before, with rising taxes and higher costs of living. The Brockville Police Service is dedicated to protecting and maintaining our quality of life, ever mindful of the bottom line. Our administration costs are lean and our budget dollars are directed to providing front line patrol and emergency response service where it counts – on your roads and in your neighbourhoods. Your safety is paramount, as is the safety of our officers.

Brockville Police Officers are encouraged to solve problems using their own initiative, reinforced by the exhaustive training they receive. Our officers have immediate access to the Chief of Police and senior staff, which ensures that major decisions can be made quickly. The Brockville Police Service has a strong emphasis on ethics and commitment. Officers are directly accountable to the Supervisors, senior staff and the Board, and know exactly where they stand on a day-to-day basis, as internal communication flows effectively.

The Brockville Police commitment is specifically tailored to our community. We know Brockville and adapt our policing specifically to its needs, demographics and unique challenges. We respect the concerns of individual citizens. We trust that we demonstrate the benefits of being policed by a professional and enthusiastic police service, highly visible and responsive to community needs.

In general, Brockville Police personnel are fit and well educated. Their dedication is reinforced by a strong community patrol and investigative capability, enhanced by beat, bicycle, canine and mobile patrols, Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario membership and an enhanced 911 Emergency Communications system on a 24 hour a day basis, to serve our community.

The Brockville Police Service cares about all that is important to the quality of life in our community. We care about … what you care about.