You can reach the direct line/voice mail of the staff members listed below by dialing (613) 342-0127, then entering the 4 digit extension or dial 0 for assistance.

Name Position Extension  E-Mail
Senior Officers      
Mark Noonan Chief 4501 Email
Andrew Harvie Deputy Chief 4260 Email
Bennett, Laurie Inspector – Support Services 4221 Email
Boyd, Darryl Inspector – Operations 4234 Email
Chicoine, Mark Sergeant 6080 Email
Grant, Mike Sergeant (Seconded) 6081 Email
Ruigrok, Eric Sergeant 6086 Email
Gamble, Dustin Sergeant 6087 Email
Bigley, Nicholas Detective Constable – Identification 4251 Email
Brayton-Kelly, Chad Constable 6121 Email
Coe, Graham Detective Constable 4245 Email
Cullen, Justin Constable 6079 Email
Dedekker, Allie Community Safety Officer 4228 Email
Despres, Kevin Constable 6117 Email
Duffy, Travis Constable 6101 Email
Dunnington, Clayton Constable 6103 Email
Garvin, Jamie Detective Sergeant 4248 Email
Hall, Dan Detective Constable 6090 Email
Hamson, Breshawn Constable 6112 Email
Harrison, Tyler Constable 6120 Email
Howlett, Trenton Constable 6119 Email
Kelly, Tosha Constable 6100 Email
Kenney, Luke Constable 6107 Email
Khalid, Zaid Constable 6113 Email
Klassen, Paul Constable (Part-time) 6114 Email
Knapp, Garrett Constable 6111 Email
Knezevic, Mihajlo Constable 6106 Email
Lafontaine, Dustin Detective Constable 6098 Email
Latham, Jordan Constable  6088 Email
Mason, Chase Constable 6108 Email
McArthur, Lucas Detective Constable 4218 Email
McCullough, Ross Constable 6099 Email
McInroy, Dustin Constable 6118 Email
Muldoon, April Constable  6077 Email
Rogers, Steve Constable  6074 Email
Serson, Mike Constable 6109 Email
Topping, Micheal Constable 6110 Email
Willis, Damian Constable 6095 Email
Wiwchar, Jeffrey Acting Sergeant 6072 Email
Young, Cameron Constable 6102 Email
Administration / Communications    
Caskenette, Tracy Executive Assistant to Chief of Police 4291 Email
Herbison, Brenda Support Services Supervisor 4242 Email
Hepburn, Jeff IT Manager 4015 Email
Jennifer Winmill Finance Clerk 4241 Email
Charman, Jenna Dispatcher   Email
Curley, Brian Dispatcher (PT) 6917 Email
Hunter, Delaney Dispatcher   Email
Knapp, Alyssa Dispatcher (PT)   Email
Roy, Sophie Dispatcher    Email
Seeley, Hunter Dispatcher (PT)   Email
Turner, Sophie Dispatcher 6978 Email
VandenAnker, Emma Dispatcher    Email
Vandenbosch, Erin Dispatcher 6972 Email
Young, Julia Dispatcher   Email
Bergeron, Karen Administration Clerk 4220 Email
Chadwick, Lindsay Administration Clerk – FOI/Redaction  (PT) 4241 Email
Fleet, Janice Administration Clerk 4253 Email
Schoonberg, Marie Administration Clerk 4252 Email
Sauriol, Kaitlyn Administration Clerk 4000 Email
Grothier, Amy CRC Clerk (PT) 4244 Email
Herbison, Lynne CRC Clerk (PT) 4244 Email
Hutton, Riley CRC Clerk (PT) 4244 Email
Sly, Susan CRC Clerk (PT) 4244 Email
Spicer, Janice CRC Clerk (PT) 4244 Email
Sternik, Jessica CRC Clerk (PT) 4244 Email
Court Services      
Murphy, Patti Court Constable 341-2845 Email
Polite, Sarah Special Constable Supervisor 341-2842 Email
Brown, Cameron Special Constable – Court (PT) 341-2845 Email
Jones, Mitchell Special Constable – Court (PT) 341-2845 Email
Nedow, Tom Special Constable – Court (PT) 342-2845 Email
Pryer, Chris Special Constable – Court (PT) 341-2845 Email
Smith, Matt Special Constable – Court (PT) 341-2845 Email
Sosnowski, Trevor Special Constable – Court (PT) 341-2845 Email
Walford-Davis, Andrew Special Constable – Court (PT) 341-2845 Email
Warren, Tara Special Constable – Court 341-2845 Email