News Release – April 9 – 12, 2024

Follow-up Information Regarding the February 2nd Distraction Thefts

The Brockville Police Service released information for public awareness in regards to multiple distraction thefts that had occurred at Superstore, Food Basics and Giant Tiger on February 2, 2024. Photos of two out of three male suspects were posted to the public and other police services. There was concern that these suspects were involved in similar occurrences in other jurisdictions.

With the public’s assistance, and liaising with multiple other police agencies, one of the suspects was positively identified to be a 50-year-old, male, from Mississauga. He was located and arrested for other offences by the Hamilton Police Service and held in custody. The subject has since been returned to Brockville on April 5, 2024, to answer to charges of Theft Under $5,000.00. He was held in custody for a bail hearing and faces additional, similar charges in other jurisdictions.


Male Arrested for Weapons Offences

On April 11, 2024, at about 6:00pm, police received 911 calls reporting a male threatening people in the area of Cowan’s Dairy on Park St., with a knife. This is the second serious weapons call with concern for public safety in less than 2 weeks. The male was making threats towards people in the area and when they began to call police, he continued to threaten them while following the callers. Officers attended the area quickly, identified and engaged the 18-year-old, male. The officers made a gun point arrest and took him into custody. Once arrested, his despicable behaviour continued as he began urinating and throwing feces around the cell block area. It was learned that the subject was also on probation. He was held in custody for a bail hearing for the offences of assault with a weapon, two counts of uttering threats, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, mischief under $5,000.00 and fail to comply with probation. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident, however, this type of interaction would be extremely scary for the victims and public involved.


Reported Disturbance Leads to Threats Charges

On April 9, 2024 , at about 5:15pm, police received a report of a subject making death threats towards an employee at the Quickie on William St. Investigation revealed that a 40-year-old, male had attended the convenience store where he was observed urinating just outside the store. The subject then entered the Quickie and yelled at the employee while threatening to “chop his head off.” He then proceeded to throw some items around the store and left. He was observed attending an address nearby and officers located and arrested the subject there. He was held for a bail hearing after being charged with uttering threats and causing a disturbance.   


Neighbour Dispute Leads to Charges

On April 10, 2024, at about 9:00am, police received a 911 call to an apartment building near Ormond St. and Central Ave., regarding a dispute. Investigation revealed that a 32-year-old, male and 32-year-old, female, attended to one of their neighbour’s units and engaged in an argument. The argument escalated to the point that the two subjects began to threaten one of the residents in the unit. Police located and arrested the two subjects responsible for the threats. They were held in custody for a bail hearing due to concerns for safety of the victim. Both the male and female subjects were charged with uttering threats.  

News Release – April 6 – 8, 2024

Arrest Made Intimate Partner Violence

On April 6, 2024, at about 10:00pm, police received a call to a residence on Macodrum Dr., regarding a dispute. Investigation revealed that a couple had been arguing for multiple hours that evening. It escalated to the point that the female in the residence locked her husband out of the residence. During the investigation, officers learned that the 30-year-old, male had in fact assaulted his wife the night previous day by shoving her. The victim had minor, non-life-threatening, injuries. The male subject was arrested for assault and held for a bail hearing.


Suspect of Multiple Thefts Arrested

On April 6, 2024, at about 5:30pm, police received reports of thefts that had taken place at the Dollar Tree store and the LCBO, on Parkedale Ave. Police attended the locations and investigation revealed that a 37-year-old, female was identified as being responsible for the thefts. In fact, it was also learned that the female subject was responsible for a previous LCBO theft that occurred on March 28, 2024. Officers located the female in the area where she was placed under arrest. She was charged with all three counts of theft under $5,000.00 and released with a future court date.


Structure Fire

On April 8, 2024, at about 9:30am, police received information, along with the Brockville Fire Department, regarding an active fire at the Casual Living store on William St. Emergency services all attended and a large area was barricaded off for public safety with assistance from the Brockville Public Works Department. The fast response and hard work of the Brockville fire Department, resulted in the fire remaining contained to that building and luckily, no one was injured. However, there was a significant value in damages to the property. The fire was not deemed to be suspicious and the Fire Marshal is not investigating.


Intimate Partner Violence

On April 8, 2024, at about 10:00pm, police received a 911 call regarding a disturbance at a residence on Park St. Investigation revealed that a 31-year-old, male and his girlfriend were in a dispute that escalated to him shoving her into a mirror causing it to break then also biting her thumb. Police placed the male under arrest for assault. The female suffered non-life-threating injuries. He was charged with assault and held in custody for a bail hearing.


Warrant Executed

On April 8, 2024, at about 11:00pm, police received a call to a residence on Laurier Blvd., regarding a 20-year-old, male who was in possession of a knife and making threats of self-harm. Police attended and officers located the male on the property, hiding. It was determined he was not in possession of a knife, however, did have a warrant for his arrest stemming from an assault investigation from March 20, 2024. The male was placed under arrest and held in custody for a bail hearing. While in custody, the male attempted to clog the cell toilet, smash light fixtures and threatened self-harm again. He was monitored closely throughout the remainder of the night, until the bail hearing.


Impaired Operation

On April 8, 2024, at about 8:30am, police receive a call in the area of Kyle Court, of a male slumped over inside his vehicle with his head resting on the car horn. Officers arrived and located a 33-year-old, male in the drivers seat as described. He was believed to be passed out due to drug use. He was taken to the Brockville General Hospital for medical attention, which he recovered from. Officers did locate a quantity of fentanyl and cocaine inside the vehicle. His vehicle was impounded, drivers licence was already suspended and charged with operation while impaired by drugs, possession cocaine and fentanyl, fail to comply with probation and operation of a motor vehicle while prohibited. He was released by police with a future court date.   


News Release – March 30 – April 1, 2024

Update to Drowning at Centeen Park

Police continue to receive questions regarding the drowning of a male in the St. Lawrence River, at Centeen Park, early yesterday, April 1st. Police can confirm the deceased male was 39-year-old, Jeffrey Greer, of Brockville. He fell into the frigid water while walking along the barrier wall along the parks water front. Please give the family privacy at this time.

It is important to highlight that this incident remains a Coroner’s investigation. Foul play is not suspected in this unfortunate incident.  


Suicidal Male with a Knife at McDonald’s

On April 1, 2024, at about 4:45pm, police received a report of a 36-year-old, male, at the McDonald’s restaurant on Parkedale Avenue, with a suicide note. Officers attended to check on the well-being of the male. Officers made a lengthy attempt to speak to the male and convince him to peacefully leave and attend the hospital receive assistance from a doctor. These attempts were not successful as the subject then pulled a large knife from his waistband and attempted to stab himself. Officers quickly reacted and deployed their conductive energy weapon (TASER) to gain control of the male so he could not cause serious harm to himself or anyone else. Once control was gained, he was apprehended and taken to the Brockville General Hospital to receive treatment regarding his mental health. No one was seriously injured in this incident. The officers’ actions, ensuring everyone’s safety regarding this dangerous situation, should be commended.    


Male Arrested for Discharging Bear Spray During Altercation

On March 30, 2024, at about 11:00am, police received a call to an apartment building on Kyle Court, in response to altercation where bear spray was deployed. Officers responded and investigation revealed that 25-year-old, male, had attended one of the units in the building to retrieve some property. An altercation quickly ensued between the 25-year-old and the resident of the unit. The 25-year-old, subject had a canister of bear spray and during the altercation it was discharged in the hallway of the building. The male subject was arrested and Brockville Fire Department attended to assist with decontaminating the building. The subject was known to be on probation with conditions to abide by. He was held in custody for a bail hearing for the offences of four counts of fail to comply with probation, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and mischief under $5,000.00. Any injuries in this incident can be described as non-life-threatening.   


St. Lawrence River Drowning

On April 1, 2024 Brockville Police along with Brockville Fire and Paramedics from Leeds and Grenville attended to Centeen Park in the City of Brockville after receiving calls of a person in distress in the St. Lawrence River.

The 39-year-old male subject was removed from the water and transported to Brockville General Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.   This is still an ongoing investigation and foul play is not suspected at this time.

 Anyone with any information is asked to call the Brockville Police Service at 613-342-0127. 

News Release – March 21 – 26, 2024

Since March 21, 2024, the Brockville Police Service has received 196 calls for service. Those calls resulted in ten arrests, four apprehensions, twenty Criminal Code Charges and nine traffic related charges. Below are a few of the investigations.


Female Arrested for Assault

This investigation took place a short time ago. On March 10, 2024, at about 6:30pm, police had received a report of a Brockville General Hospital staff member, who was assaulted by a 20-year-old, female patient. The staff member was also a female and the patient had pulled the staff member’s hair and struck her head repeatedly against a handrail. Other staff were able to assist and stop the assault. The staff member received non-life-threatening injuries. Police attended and investigated. The patient had to remain in hospital at that time for other reasons. Once she was released by the hospital, on March 20, 2024 at about 4:30pm, police arrested the 20-year-old, female, for assault. She was charged with assault and released with conditions and a future court date.


Disturbance Leads to Males Arrest

On March 21, 2024, at about 7:30am, police received a call in the area of the Rexall Pharmacy, on Pearl St. W., regarding a male eating sidewalk salt from the bin and banging on windows with his pants down. Officers attended and located the 38-year-old, male in question. He was known to police to be on probation. He was placed under arrest and charged with mischief and failing to comply with probation. Later, he was released with conditions and a future court date.


Male Charged After Fleeing from Police While Impaired

On March 23, 2024, at about 1:00am, an officer from the Brockville Police attempted to perform a traffic stop on a vehicle in the area of Ormond St. and Central Ave. The vehicle was observed driving erratically. The vehicle failed to stop for the officer and attempted to flee. The vehicle turned onto Bramshot Ave., where it lost control and struck the curb causing damage to front wheel and dislodging it from the vehicle. The driver was identified to be a 35-year-old, male who was placed under arrest. It was found that the male was under the influence of alcohol as well. Testing was performed at the Brockville Police Service and impairment was confirmed. He was charged with flight from police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, operation while impaired and operation while impaired – blood alcohol concentration over 80mg. His driver’s licence was suspended, vehicle impounded and held for a bail hearing.


Male Charged After Making Threats

On March 24, 2024, at about 1:30am, police received a report of a male who had sent messages to a family member, threatening to burn down their home, stab them and harm their children. Police spoke to the victim and confirmed the threats. The male was located by police, later on March 24th, at about 2:30pm. Due to the serious nature of the threats, he was arrested and charged with two counts of uttering threats and held for a bail hearing.    


Female Arrested for Weapon Possession and Bail Violation

On March 25, 2024, at about 4:00pm, police received a call of a suspicious vehicle with a male and female passed out inside the vehicle, in the area of Kincaid St. Police arrived and located the subjects in question. Investigation revealed that the 30-year-old, female in the vehicle, was on conditions to abstain from communicating with the male subject she was with. She was placed under arrest for failing to comply with her conditions and when searched, a loaded, silver painted, flair gun, was located. The item was seized and she was charged with fail to comply with undertaking and possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose. She was released on conditions and a future court date.   

News Release – March 18 – 20, 2024

Between March, 18 and March 20, 2024, the Brockville Police Service received 117 calls for service.

During this time, we laid nine Criminal Code charges and nine traffic related charges, while making five arrests and one mental health apprehension. 

In one of these incidents on March 18, 2024, at about 10:30pm. Officers received a call to a residence on King St. W., in relation to an intimate partner dispute. Investigation revealed that a 21-year-old, male and his female partner were in an argument. During that argument, the female attempted to take the subjects phone and in response he struck her in the face. Injuries are considered non-life-threatening. The male was arrested and charged with assault and held for a bail hearing. 


News Release – March 15-17, 2024

Weekend Overview

It was another busy weekend for the Brockville Police Service with as we received 112 calls for service. This resulted in eight arrests, three apprehensions, 16 Criminal Code charges and seven traffic charges. Below are just a few of the details.


Dispute Leads to Assault

On March 17, 2024, at about 2:45am, police received a call regarding a disturbance at a residence on Perth St. Investigation revealed that there was an altercation that had taken place a short time previous at The Bar, on King St. W. At that time, the altercation was mainly between two females, however, it dissolved and all involved individuals left the area. Shortly after, the 31-year-old, female, involved in the original confrontation attended the residence of the second female. While there, another dispute took place that escalated and the 31-year-old, female assaulted the other at her residence. She was placed under arrest for assault and held in custody until sober. She was released on conditions with a future court date.


Impaired Driving

On March 17, 2024, at about 4:00pm, a 38-year-old, male was operating his vehicle in the area of Ormond St. The officer recognized this male and was aware that his driver’s licence was currently under suspension. The officer stopped the vehicle and noticed that the subject had been drinking. A roadside breath sample was taken and the test resulted in a fail. He was arrested and taken for further testing that confirmed he was operating over the legal limit. This is the third arrest for impaired driving since November 2023. As a result, he was charged with operation while impaired, operation while impaired – blood alcohol concentration over 80mg and drive while under suspension. He was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Repeated Behaviour Leads to Harassment   

On March 17, 2024, at about 3:30pm, police received a report of a 49-year-old, male who has been harassing a female. Investigation revealed a long history of similar type behaviour from the male subject. On the reported date, the male had observed the female in Brockville and began to follow and watch her. He continually passed by and made his presence known at her location. This behaviour, along with other history determined that the male would be charged. Later that day he was arrested and held for a bail hearing for the offence of criminal harassment.   


Panhandling and Disturbing Customers Leads to Arrest

On March 16, 2024, at about 12:30pm, police received a call regarding a 30-year-old, male who was harassing customers at Giant Tiger on Park St., by confronting them and asking for money.   Staff requested the male leave the property, however, he refused. Officers arrived and investigation revealed that the male was in Brockville visiting family form Maryland, U.S. He was then asked by the officers to leave the property but he continued to refuse. He was then advised he was being placed under arrest and he began to resist. A struggle ensued which resulted in one officer getting kicked by the subject in the back. The male was taken into custody and controlled. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. The male was held in custody for a bail hearing for the offences of resist peace officer, assault peace officer and failing to leave a premise when directed under the Trespass to Property Act. 

Safe St. Patrick’s Day

The Brockville Police Service hopes that everyone enjoys this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Our members also want to take part and share in all of the fun. With all of this in mind, please, make sure you are safe on this exciting day. Every year, it is a fun day to celebrate with family and friends. If you plan to celebrate, please plan to get home safely from any festivities. Call a cab or arrange for a designated driver. 

News Release March 12 – 15, 2024

Arrest Warrants Executed

Below is a list of bail violation arrests and arrest warrants executed over the past several days:

  • On March 12, 2024, at about 6:00pm, a 50-year-old, female was arrested as she failed to comply with her release order conditions by failing to attend her bail supervision program. She was charged and held for a bail hearing.
  • On March 13, 2024, at about 8:00pm, a 37-year-old, male was arrested for fail to comply with his release order as he was not residing with his surety. This led to the discovery that he was failing to comply with his probation conditions. In total, he was charged with failing to comply with release order and three counts of failing to comply with probation. He was held for a bail hearing.
  • On March 13, 2024, at about 11:45am, a 30-year-old, female was arrested an outstanding arrest warrant for multiple counts of fail to attend court, fail to attend for fingerprinting and fail to comply with probation. She was released on paperwork with a new court date.
  • On March 14, 2024, at about 11:30am, a 28-year-old, male was arrested on an outstanding warrant for failing to attend court in relation to charges of robbery, disguise with intent and uttering threats. He was held in custody for a bail hearing.


Fire Displaces a Resident on King Street West

On March 13, 2024, at about 9:25pm, police received a call to assist the Brockville Fire Department with controlling access to the area of a fire scene. Officers attended the scene of 196 King St. W. where it was reported that large amounts of smoke was coming out the window of unit three of a multi-unit dwelling. A solo female occupant was cooking dinner when a fire was initiated in the kitchen. Luckily, the firefighters responded quickly and were able to prevent any spread and extinguished the fire. The female resident was displaced from the property due to safety concerns and was provided lodging. Other services were notified to follow-up with assistance for the female, until the residence can be deemed safe. No one was injured and nothing appears suspicious as this is believed to be an unfortunate mishap.


Arrest Made Regarding Transportation Fraud

On March 14, 2024, at about 12:45pm, police received a call regarding a male who had fled a local taxicab, without paying his fare. Police attended the area and spoke to all involved parties as the taxicab driver had located the subject. Investigation revealed that a 45-year-old, male, had taken a ride from a taxicab that resulted in a cab fare of about $40.00. When the subject exited the taxicab, he had no way to pay the fare and initially fled. The taxicab driver did make contact with the subject along with police. As a result, the male subject was charged with transportation fraud and issued paperwork with a future court date.


Weekend Review – March 9 – 10, 2024

Weekend Review

Last weekend the Brockville Police Service received 110 calls for service. As a result of those calls, police made three mental health apprehensions, executed two arrest warrants, laid 22 Highway Traffic Act charges and 12 Criminal Code charges. Some investigations have not come to conclusion yet and will be reported on at that time.