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Alternate Response Unit

The Brockville Police Service has created an alternate response unit which will be assisting in diverting non-emergency calls for service from our patrol members.   The alternate response unit will be staffed with a police officer who will follow-up and support our patrol officers on the street.  The addition of the alternate response unit will permit more time for our patrol officers to perform core-policing functions in the community.  This initiative also provides a safe opportunity to respond to calls for service amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

Non-emergency calls for service include calls which:

  • Do not require a police presence
  • Do not require a lengthy investigation
  • Can be handled via telephone or email

Any person wishing to make a complaint via the alternate response unit may call 613-342-0127 or email  This position is not staffed 24/7 nor is the email monitored 24/7 but an officer will respond on their next shift.  Community members are reminded to call  9-1-1 for emergency situations which require an immediate police response.



Presentation by MP Michael Barrett

Sergeant Borgford, A/Sgt. Eric Ruigrok, Cst. Ross McCullough, Cst. Dustin Gamble and Cst. Geoff Fearon were recognized today by Member of Parliament Michael Barrett for their life saving efforts.  Mr. Barrett presented the officers with a scroll at the Brockville Police Service.

On October 17th Eric Ruigrok, Ross McCullough, Dustin Gamble and Geoff Fearon responded to a call on the William Street overpass for a suicidal subject.  The officers arrived on scene and observed the 23 year old female sitting on the railing of the over pass with her legs hanging over the edge.  The officers began a dialogue with the female.  Dustin Gamble took over the negotiations as he had developed a rapport with her from previous encounters.  She was convinced to bring one leg back over the railing to safety and the rest of the officers moved in pulling her to safety.

On November 18th Shawn Borgford, Ross McCullough, Dustin Gamble and Geoff Fearon responded to another call for a suicidal male on the William Street overpass.  The police service had received several calls about a male straddling the railing on the overpass threatening suicide.  Ross McCullough was the first officer to arrive on scene and observed the 51 year old male straddling the railing.  An unknown citizen was trying to defuse the situation with the male, but left when police arrived.  McCullough began a conversation with the male and waited for the rest of the shift to arrive to assist.  The responding officers developed a plan.  When the officers were able to safely approach the male without risking any injury to him, they pulled him to safety.

Both subjects were transported to the Brockville General Hospital.  The officers would like to thank the unknown citizen who attempted to intervene in the second incident.  They would also like to thank their dispatchers who played a pivotal role in the incidents: Kendra Adair, Jeff Hepburn, Sophie Turner, Alicia Benson and Cst. Darlene Reilly.

2019 Annual Report

2019 was a year of change for the community of Brockville.  The legalization of Marijuana and the proliferation of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang activity in the area topped off the year.  Locally, the Brockville Police Service utilized education relating to marijuana legalization.  Working with Lanark, Leeds and Grenville District Health Unit we were able to answer many questions and prevent issues before they arose.  The fact that smoking had already been banned in our local parks aided in ensuring marijuana was treated in the same fashion. 

The increase in Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) activity was met with enforcement.  A number of OMG members and affiliates were arrested and charged with various offences.  A clubhouse was eradicated from a residential area and prosecutions continued into 2020. 

These are only a couple of examples of how policing Brockville has changed over the years.  Despite these challenges and challenging times we continued our efforts against traffic related issues, youth crime and drug related issues.  Homelessness increased in the community along with substance abuse and dependence which often had a direct relation to violent and property crimes.

We continue to utilize our partners for their expertise in fields such as mental health and social housing.  As police officers, we are unable to solve all of the communities problems.  Working together provides increased resources in order to tackle each facet affecting the community.  There is much work to be done and our members are up to the challenge.

We are extremely proud of those who come to work each day not knowing what they will face.  Our front-line officers are supported by Detectives, Communicators and Administrative Staff, all of which are integral to the operation of the Police Service.  Thank you for taking the time to review the following pages which constitute our 2019 Annual Report.

King Yee, Jr.
Chair, Brockville Police Services Board
Scott Fraser
Chief of Police



Brockville Police and COVID-19

Brockville Police and the City of Brockville are asking residents to do their part in combating the spread of COVID-19. Remember that following direction from health authorities can help save lives.

“The priority of the Brockville Police is to ensure our community and our members are safe during this pandemic,” says Brockville Police Chief Scott Fraser. “We recognize that this is a stressful time, with many people feeling a sense of uncertainty and instability within our community.  Take comfort in knowing that we continue to respond to emergency calls for service, pursue investigations, maintain traffic enforcement, and proactively patrol to ensure the safety of our community.”

What’s enforceable?

The following violations can result in a charge under the Quarantine Act or Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA):

  • Offences relating to non-essential businesses that remain open, in contravention of the EMCPA
  • Offences relating to organized public events and social gatherings of more than 5 people, in contravention of the EMCPA
  • Violations of the Quarantine Act where an individual does not abide by mandatory 14-day self-isolation
  • Prohibited use of a playground and park amenities in Brockville

What’s essential?

The following additional directions from health authorities are considered to be essential in combatting the spread of COVID-19 but are, at this point, currently not enforceable under the Quarantine Act or EMCPA.

  • Physical (social) distancing of the recommended 2 meters (6 feet)
  • Sanitary actions like hand-washing, sanitizing surfaces or coughing/sneezing into one’s arm
  • Avoiding non-essential travel including visits to those outside of your household

This City reminds residents as we move into the Easter long weekend to adhere to physical distancing directions and stay at least 2 meters (6 feet) apart at all times while walking through City parks or using City trails. Use of any closed park amenities, including playground equipment, benches, basketball and other sports courts, is prohibited and enforceable.

Reporting enforceable infractions

Call Brockville Police non-emergency line at 613-342-0127 for:

  • Organized public or social gatherings of more than 5 people
  • Use of outdoor recreational amenities (e.g. basketball court, soccer field, park bench, park picnic table, playground structures)

Starting Saturday April 11th the Brockville Police will have special constables responding to COVID-19 related complaints.  These officers will be patrolling City Parks and facilities.  The officers will have the same enforcement powers as regular officers.

Submit a complaint to Public Health for:

  • Non-essential businesses that are open
  • Essential businesses that are not compliant
  • Self-isolation for returning travelers, under the Quarantine Act

Health Unit Phone Line

The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit has phone lines open for the public to call:

The main number to call is 1-800-660-5853. General COVID-19 Enquiries – Extension 2499, available 7 days a week, from 8:30am until 4:30pm.

Other useful numbers:

If you own or operate a business and you have questions about essential versus non-essential business; you can call 1-888-444-3659.

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Records Checks

In support of the current public health mandate of the Province of Ontario, the Brockville Police Service will be expediting police record checks, where it is required, for all essential workers, including health care personnel, social service workers, child care workers, individuals involved in food supply, and those involved in the maintenance of critical infrastructure.

We are currently limiting access to our building and are reminding people that you will have to apply online through our website for a criminal record check. In the event that you feel it is necessary to expedite your check based on the above criteria please submit your request online as per our website procedures  Following this, please email indicating that you have submitted a request and the reason for expediting it.  A member of our staff will either contact you, if further information is required, or email you the results upon completion of the check.

Out of Town Overnight Visitors

Out of Town Overnight Visitors:

Currently there is no legislation that mandates self-isolation.  As such, the Police do not have the ability to order people to do it.  We are working with local business to ask them to assist by not permitting overnight camping and screening people before they enter the store.  We have assigned an officer as a COVD19 Liaison officer who will reach out to businesses and provide some direction.  If they wish us to police their lots at night, we will certainly assist.

There is currently nothing in legislation that allows police to enforce self-isolation.  The area where campers are staying upon their return to Canada is private property.  Police would need to be directed by the owners of that property in order to take any action.

We continue to work with all levels of Government and our local businesses in order to rectify this situation.



COVID-19 Pandemic Brockville Police Service Measures

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we want to ensure that the public and our staff are safe.  As a result we have had to implement some temporary measures in order to facilitate a safe work environment and a safe community. 

  • The Brockville Police will be responding to emergency calls for service, however, measures have been put in place to allow some non-emergency calls to be handled over the telephone. 
  • The Brockville Police Facility will be closed to the general public, however, those who attend can speak with dispatch staff via intercom.
  • Fingerprints will be rescheduled.
  • Persons coming into contact with police may be asked some simple screening questions.

As indicated, these are temporary measures and are subject to change at any time.  We want to thank everyone for their patience at this time.

Towing Tender Services


Please submit completed tenders using this document with the attached appendices and forms, in a sealed envelope quoting the above tender number and the closing date, and forward before 2:00 p.m. local time, Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, to:

Dayna Golledge
City of Brockville
1 King Street West
Brockville,Ontario K6V 7A5

Tender No. 2020-01
Closing Date: Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 2:00 p.m. local time
Tenders must be received before the above-mentioned time and date, and in accordance with the attached tender forms, Specifications, Instructions to Vendors, and Standard Terms and Conditions.

Deputy Chief Mark Noonan Brockville Police Service
Phone 613-342-0127, ext. 4501
Fax 613-342-0452

Tender documents –