2014 Motor Vehicle Accidents

During the 2014 year 691 motor vehicle collisions were reported to the Brockville Police Service. Of those reported 430 had a Motor Vehicle Accident Report completed which is required when property damage exceeds 1000 dollars or there is personal injury.

Of the 430 requiring reports:

• 360 included property damage only
• 58 involved non-fatal injuries
• 1 involved a fatal injury

Further Statistics:

• 831 vehicles were involved in collisions, of which 126 required a tow truck.
• 376 involved other motor vehicles, of which 126 were unattended.
• 12 collisions involved pedestrians.
• February had the most collisions
• Most collisions occurred on a Friday
• Most collisions occurred between 11 am and 1 pm
• Most collisions occurred when conditions were clear and roads were dry.
• 5 collisions involved a driver who had consumed alcohol.

Top intersections for collisions:

o Parkedale Ave and Stewart Blvd – 15
o Centennial Road at Stewart Blvd. – 12
o Jefferson Drive at Stewart Blvd. – 9

Please be safe on the road!