2015 Annual Report

Thank you for taking the time to review our 2015 Annual Report.  I am happy to report that 2015 saw tremendous change within the Brockville Police organization.  As a result of everyone’s hard work and sacrifices we ended 2015 with a surplus in our operational budget.  We also continued to build our criminal record check business which resulted in a surplus of several hundred thousand dollars.  It is very important to understand that policing and preparing a budget for law enforcement is a difficult task.  In spending dollars in prevention we attempt to offset expenses that are derived after a critical incident or violent offence.  Violent offences such as homicides are very expensive to investigate and are too important to spare an expense.  2015 in Brockville was consistent with the national trend of a decrease in violent offences. Those who are unaware will state that as a result of decreased violent offences policing budgets should decrease.  In reality, social disorder offences and police response to mental health calls have skyrocketed.  As funding is removed from areas such as healthcare and social services, police services are forced to perform tasks which should be handled by others.  Unfortunately, if people only speak of the bottom dollar, policing will continue to be subject of criticism.  The Brockville Police Services community involvement and investment in youth and crime prevention may cost money now, but will undoubtedly save in the future.  Thanks again for taking the time to review our annual report 2015 Annual Report