June 10 – 12, 2016 Incidents

Bail Violation / Accident

On June 10th at 9:08 pm, Brockville Police attended a motor vehicle accident at Market Street and Water Street.

Damage was minor but one of the drivers had been consuming alcohol. He was asked to provide a sample of his breath into a roadside unit which registered in the “warn” category. This usually means a three day licence suspension. However, the man had been charged already for impaired driving and was awaiting court on those charges.

The local 32 year old was on release conditions that included no alcohol while operating a motor vehicle and not to consume alcohol at all outside his residence. He was arrested and charged with breaching his recognizance and was remanded into custody until attending bail court.



On June 11th at 3:56 pm, Brockville Police responded to an assault complaint on King Street East.

A local 56 year old man was walking on the sidewalk when another male, texting at the time, bumped into him. Words were exchanged and the altercation turned physical, resulting in the man being assaulted.

Officers located and arrested a local, 30 year old, for the offence of assault. He was released shortly afterwards with a future court date. The victim suffered minor injuries.


Mischief / Warrants

On June 11th at 5:17 pm, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a King Street apartment that resulted in property damage and charges.

A local 25 year old man attended his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to retrieve some of his belongings. The male had already been there earlier in the day and during his second trip he became enraged when his ex wouldn’t speak to him. He then attended the rear of her apartment and located a bicycle belonging to her mother. The man slashed the tires on the bike with a pocket knife and stomped on the rims. Once the Officers arrived, the man had fled the area.

On the 12th of June at 1:55 pm, Police learned of another possible location for the accused in the center of the city. Officers located the subject at that location and he was arrested for mischief as well as breaching conditions of release for outstanding offences.

There was also a warrant for the man’s arrest for further charges that he had yet to be located for.



On June 11th at 11:40 pm, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a north end apartment building. A local couple engaged in a dispute loud enough to attract their neighbour’s attention.

Officers noted the male party was intoxicated and felt things would escalate when they departed. The 27 year old was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace. He was released the next day when sober and without any charges.


Possession of Stolen Property

On June 12th at 3:28 am, Brockville Police Officers stopped a U-Haul truck on a street in the center of the city.

The truck had Arizona plates and was being driven by a local 19 year old female. The passenger identified himself as a 31 year old, from the Kingston area, boyfriend of the driver. They indicated they were in the process of moving the male to his new residence which was strange considering the time of day. Also, Officers didn’t notice furniture type items in the van but did observe scrap metal and copper pipe. While Officers were asking more questions about the van’s contents, another male burst from the side door of the vehicle and began running from the area. He was caught after a short foot pursuit.

Police discovered there was a warrant for his arrest for being unlawfully at large. The 21 year old was from the Joyceville area. A second female was also found in the rear of the van, a 29 year old from the Kingston area. All four individuals were arrested for possession of stolen property. The Joyceville man was also charged with breaching his probation and the Kingston male was charged with breaching release conditions for outstanding charges still before the courts.

The two females were released from custody on conditions with a future court date. The two males were held in custody for bail court.

The vehicle contained electronic equipment, power drill batteries, copper piping and other items. The investigation continues in regards to possible proper owners and no dollar value has been placed on the van’s contents.