June 27, 2016 Incident

Break /Enter / Theft

On June 27th at 8:56 am, Brockville Police attended a north end apartment building for a theft complaint.

The female resident awoke to find her purse and personal items stolen. She believes the culprit(s) came in through a sliding patio door.

The investigation continues.

Police remind people to secure patio and sliding screen doors. The heat causes folks to look for some kind of relief during evening or over night hours by opening windows and doors. Take the extra step to secure these residential openings to avoid becoming a victim. Reducing opportunity is another way to prevent crimes.


Accident Leads to Investigation

On June 27th at 4:06 pm, Brockville Police attended a motor vehicle accident at a north end intersection.

Officers began writing traffic tickets to a local 18 year old man for failing to yield to traffic and driving without a licence.  Police then discovered the vehicle he was operating belonged to his roommate who was away on vacation. The young man had found a tucked away key and was driving the car without permission.  He was subsequently charged criminally with, taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.  He was released with a future court date.  Damage to the vehicle was moderate.