October 25, 2016 Incidents

Counterfeit Money

A 32 male subject was identified as the suspect paying with $100 (photocopied) bills at 2 local businesses. The same male attempted to use counterfeit money at a 3rd location in town however store clerk refused to accept it and called police. The male subject was arrested and charged. Any other business that have received any suspected counterfeit money are asked to call police

Failure to Attend

A 20 year old male subject was arrested on a warrant for failing to attend for identification prints. He was released with a future court date

Licence Suspension

While speaking to the driver of a motor vehicle in a downtown location, police observed that he had been consuming alcohol and was on conditions to only operate a vehicle with an ignition Interlock device as a result of previous conviction of impaired driving.

The driver was charged with failing to provide a breath sample and was issued a future court date along with a licence suspension. His vehicle was towed and impounded for 7 days