December 29, 2016 Incidents

Breach of Probation

On December 8th, a probation warrant was issued by our citys’ probation office in regards to a local, 20 year old male, not following conditions outlined.

Yesterday, around 12:30 pm, the young man turned himself into the Brockville Police to have it dealt with.  Officers arrested and charged the man with breaching his probation order as well as an outstanding recognizance for other probation breaches.

He was held in custody to appear in bail court.



Stealing from a north end box store led to a bail hearing for a local male because he was awaiting court on similar charges.  The 47 year old, was charged twice last year and early this summer with theft.  Three outstanding theft charges and breaching conditions of his release while waiting for court, justified being held in custody rather than being allowed to continue committing offences.  Brockville Police attended the store in question yesterday around 1:00 pm. and arrested the subject for theft and breacing his undertaking.  At the time of this release, it is unknown if the man was remanded into custody or not.


Domestic Assault

A domestic dispute which turned physical, resulted in the arrest of a local, 51 year old female.  Brockville Police responded to the dispute on the 29th just after 7:00 pm.  At that time, her boyfriend wanted her removed from the residence as a result of the arguing.  A witness then told police, he had observed the woman strike the male in the side of the face with her hand.  Officers arrested the woman for assault and she was taken into custody.  She was released a short time later and given conditions to abide by along with a future court date.


Attempt Entry to Apartment

Brockville Police responded to an attempt break and enter to a north end apartment building.  On the 29th just after 8:00 pm., Officers attended to the victim’s apartment and noted the glass broken out of a basement floor living room window.  There were also pry marks around the window.  The resident was home at the time and may have scared the suspect off.  People in the area heard a car speed away but no description was given.  The apartment was located in the Kyle Court buildings.  If anyone saw anything out of the ordinary at that time, please contact the Brockville Police.