February 12 – 13, 2018 Incidents

Vehicle Stop: 2018/02/12 16:00

While on routine patrol a Brockville Police officer conducted a traffic stop on Front Ave. The officer recognized that the driver was prohibited from driving a motor vehicle. There were three occupants of the vehicle. The driver was arrested and found to be in possession a concealed weapon (dog repellant) and crystal methamphetamine. He was currently on conditions from previous charges not to communicate with one of the passengers. The rear passenger of the vehicle was also arrested as he had warrants for his arrest. All parties were released with future court dates.   The vehicle was impounded for 7 days.


Warrants: 2018/02/12 17:45

A 25 year old male turned himself in to the Brockville Police Service on Monday for his outstanding warrant. He was released later that day with a new court date.


Domestic: 2018/02/12 21:40

Police investigated a domestic dispute on Monday. As a result of their investigations a 21 year old male was arrested and charged for mischief. He was later released with a future court date.


Drugs/warrants: 2018/02/12 15:00

An alert court officer observed a female known to him in the lobby of the court building. The officer was holding an arrest warrant for this female in his hand at the time of his observation. She was arrested at the scene. A search incident to her arrest led to further charges of possession of a controlled substance. She was held for a bail hearing.


Warrants: 2018/02/13 09:00

Members the Brockville Police Service executed a search warrant at 78 Buell St. under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. At this time I can say that drugs were discovered and 5 people were arrested. The investigation is not yet complete. There will be more details tomorrow.