February 14 – 15, 2018 Incidents

Jail Assault
A correctional officer was assaulted while on duty by an inmate spitting in his face.  The 25 year old inmate has been charged with assaulting a peace officer and breach of probation.

Court staff arrested 27 year old Gananoque resident on his outstanding arrest warrant out Kingston when he attended court for another matter.  The 27 year old was turned over to Kingston Police.

Public Intoxication
At 8:00pm a 23 year old male attracted the attention of staff at a Buell St. business when he was discovered sleeping with a bottle of alcohol beside him.  The Brockville Police attended and arrested the male for public intoxication. The officers attempted to find family to look after the male, but were unsuccessful.

He was release when sober.

A 28 year old male was arrested on warrants from both the OPP and Kingston Police last night around 10:00pm.

Police responded to a complaint of an “unwanted guest” at a Brock St. residence. The male, as others have, attempted to hide his identity by providing a false name. When his true identity was discovered he was arrested on the strength of the warrants and obstructing a peace officer. A search incident to arrest led to further charges of carrying a concealed weapon.