An alert citizen has recovered a large quantity of Fentanyl.  Earlier this week a Brockville resident watched an unknown person bury a container off of the Brock Trail in the downtown area.  The citizen found this odd and later returned to the area and discovered the drugs.  He immediately contacted our service to turn over the property.  Police are investigating potential suspects. 

Fentanyl is an opioid that is much more toxic than other opioids, such as heroin, morphine, methadone, or codeine. This makes the risk of accidental overdose with fentanyl much higher.

Illicit or “bootleg” fentanyl is being made illegally and sold on the street. It is being cut into other drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and also in counterfeit pills that are made to look like other prescription pills (like ‘OxyContin’ or ‘Percocet’).

The estimated street value of the drugs recovered is in excess of $100,000.



On May 25th at 10:24 AM, the Brockville Police were called to the Pawn Shop on Stewart Blvd. as it was it had been discovered that a 30-year-old male had attempted to pawn stolen items valued at $260.  The male was located later that day and arrested for being in possession of property obtained by crime.  He will appear in court at a later date to answer to the charges.


Domestic Assault

On the 27th of May at 1:00 AM the Brockville Police responded to a domestic complaint in the city’s south end. Hearing the argument a neighbour exited his residence and was confronted by the male involved in the domestic.  The two exchanged words, which led to the suspect pulling a knife.  The suspect put the knife away.  The suspect and the victim continued to argue leading to a physical confrontation.  Officers arrived on scene and separated the combatants.  A 36-year-old male was charged with assault with a weapon (for pulling the knife) and weapons dangerous to the public.  He was held in custody for a bail hearing.



As reported on social media a black bear has been spotted in the city. Do not approached the animal, as we would like his safe return to the wild.  Police were first made aware of the bear when it was seen on Tupper Street.  Officers were able to coax the bear to the north end believing it had crossed to the Mac Johnson wildlife area.  A second call was received about the animal being observed on the Brock Trail north of Laurier Blvd. 

City staff have closed the section of the Brock Trail from Laurier to Centennial Road.  The Ministry of Natural Resources was contacted.  Given space and time the bear should return to the wild on his own.   









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