Alternate Response Unit

The Brockville Police Service has created an alternate response unit which will be assisting in diverting non-emergency calls for service from our patrol members.   The alternate response unit will be staffed with a police officer who will follow-up and support our patrol officers on the street.  The addition of the alternate response unit will permit more time for our patrol officers to perform core-policing functions in the community.  This initiative also provides a safe opportunity to respond to calls for service amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

Non-emergency calls for service include calls which:

  • Do not require a police presence
  • Do not require a lengthy investigation
  • Can be handled via telephone or email

Any person wishing to make a complaint via the alternate response unit may call 613-342-0127 or email  This position is not staffed 24/7 nor is the email monitored 24/7 but an officer will respond on their next shift.  Community members are reminded to call  9-1-1 for emergency situations which require an immediate police response.