April 10 -11, 2016 Incidents


On April 10th at 5:12 pm., Brockville Police received a robbery complaint from a local, 25 year old male.

The man was taken from a south end residence at knife point and driven to an abandoned house east of the city. Two men and a woman were present in the vehicle during the incident.

When at their destination, the victim was struck numerous times with an unknown weapon. It appeared to be some time of wooden handle. During the drive out of town, a knife was held to the victim’s throat at some point. After the assault, the victim was driven back to the city and flagged down a passing Police Officer.

The Officer remembered seeing the suspect vehicle in the area and a search began. Officers located the vehicle behind a south end apartment building with both males inside the car.

Both local men, aged 26 years, were arrested and charged with robbery with a weapon, assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and uttering death threats. One of the males was also breaching conditions of a probation order. They were taken to bail court on April 11th and remanded into custody until the 14th. The female was released without charges.

The victim did not receive medical treatment for his injuries which were non-life threatening. The entire incident centered around an outstanding drug debt.


Community Service

On April 11th at 11:12 am, Brockville Police received a call from one of our schools concerned about the health of one of their students.

A local, 17 year old male, indicated a desire to harm himself and left the school in a vehicle. Using triangulation techniques on his cell phone, Police were able to narrow down his location in the Athens area. A request was made of the OPP to attend the area and the youth was located. He was fine physically and was taken to hospital for appropriate treatment regarding his mental health.



On April 11th at 12:22 pm, Brockville Police took a theft complaint at a south end apartment building.

The victim reported items missing from his apartment including a cell phone, coat and other personal items. The suspect in the theft is known to Police and the investigation continues while Officers seek her whereabouts.


Missing Youth

On April 11th at 4:56 pm, 15 year old, Kelsey Varacalli, ran away from her Grandmother’s residence in the south end of the city.

She is now considered a missing person and Police are following information trails in attempts to locate her.


Community Service

On April 11th at 5:18 pm, Brockville Police attended an apartment building in the center of town to deal with a struggling 67 year old man. The male was depressed over recent health issues concerning his spouse.

He was sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of the building holding a knife to his abdomen and threatening to harm himself. Earlier, he threatened to kill his 19 year old granddaughter. He held a knife in front of her when making the threat. The man was wearing his seatbelt at the time and seated in the passenger side. Officers were concerned the man would exit the vehicle with the knife or carry through with his intent.

Officers deployed a taser which caused the knife to drop from his hand. He was then removed and handcuffed. Police then took the man to hospital for mental health reasons. He now faces charges of utter threats, assault with a weapon and weapons dangerous.


Community Service

On April 11th at 6:57 pm, Brockville Police received a request to check on the mental wellbeing of a local 21 year old man. The subject had made comments about hurting himself and had left Brockville heading to the Mallorytown area.

Brockville Police asked OPP Officers to check a residence in that area. They located the man who indicated he was not serious about his comments. Because there were no concerns for his safety after the conversation, Officers allowed the man to remain at friends for the evening.