April 15 – 17, 2016 Incidents

Neighbour Dispute

On April 15th at 5:10 pm., Brockville Police responded to a neighbour dispute on a south end street.

A local, 31 year old male, was visiting the residence and got into a verbal dispute with a neighbour over his dog. Officers noted the man was intoxicated and believed the dispute would continue in their absence.   He was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace. When sober, the man was released without charges.


Traffic and Drug Offences

On April 16th at 12:32 am, Brockville Police stopped a vehicle on south end street for a traffic violation.

The local 18 year old male driver had consumed alcohol and provided a breath sample into a roadside device. The sample registered a “warn” and his licence was suspended for 72 hours. However, Officers also found a quantity of marijuana in the vehicle.

The young man was charged with possession of a controlled substance and released at the scene with a future court date.


Domestic Dispute

On April 16th at 5:44 pm., Brockville Police responded to a domestic at a south end residence.

The involved parties had left the residence before Officers arrived but returned while Police were still there. A local 35 year old male was operating the vehicle that returned and Police noted he had been consuming alcohol. He provided a sample of his breath on a roadside unit which registered a “fail” and was arrested for driving over the legal limit.

Back at the station, he provided two samples of his breath which registered over the legal amount. He was released when sober and charged with impaired driving. His licence was suspended for 90 days and the vehicle impounded.

A future court date was issued with his release documents.


Home Invasion

On April 16th at 10:16 pm., Brockville Police responded to a home invasion in the center of the city.

A local 41 year old male was assaulted after another man forced his way into his residence and struck him several times in the face. The male fled the scene. His description was given as about six feet tall with a brush cut and possibly a red beard. He was wearing a Budweiser jacket. The victim suffered minor injuries and did not receive medical attention.

The investigation is ongoing.


Grass Fire

On April 17th at 4:23 pm., Brockville Police attended the Hubbell Street area for a grass fire.

The fire was extinguished by Officers and the Brockville Fire Department. Young children were observed in the area prior to the call.



On April 17th at 7:13 pm., Brockville Police attended a north end box store for a theft complaint.

Officers continued the arrest of a 51 year old female and a 49 year old male. Both parties, from the Toronto area, were released on conditions with a future court date.