April 2 – 3, 2017 Incidents

Unwanted Person

A 49 year old Lyn man was arrested Sunday evening for breaching his probation and bail conditions after police were called to a Brock Street residence.

Shortly after 8 pm last evening Brockville Police were contacted by the resident of the residence on Brock Street saying the male was at her residence and she wanted him to leave. Officers attended to the residence and the man presented himself to police when they arrived. Further investigation revealed he was on Probation with a condition that he stays away from the complainant’s residence. Further investigation also revealed police had previous been arrested for breaching this probation order and he was released from custody with a condition that he not attend there.

As a result the male was held in custody and will be appearing in Brockville Court later today for a bail hearing.


Lock Your Vehicle

Overnight Brockville Police took 2 calls of suspicious persons being observed entering unlocked vehicles in the Sophia Street and Charlotte Place areas of the City. It appears the suspects were looking for loose change, and valuables which could easily be converted to cash. The suspects are described as being a male and female, both tall and thin and wearing dark clothing.

A third call was also received this morning around 6:20 am of persons fitting a similar description on Millwood Avenue going through a parked vehicle in the homeowner’s driveway.

Residents are reminded with the warmer weather coming to lock your vehicles overnight and not to leave valuables visible inside your car that could be tempting for thieves.


Missing Youth from Weekend Located

The Brockville Police were still receiving inquiries from the public about the missing female youth from the weekend.

We just wanted to confirm she was located on Saturday and has been re-united with her parents.