April 26 – 28, 2019 Incidents

From Friday evening on the 26th of April, 2019 to the 28th of April, 2019 at 5:00pm, the Brockville Police Service received 65 calls for service. The two incidents described below are of significance.

Domestic Assault

On the 28th of April, 2019 at approximately 3:15pm, the Brockville Police Service received calls from witnesses in the center area of the city, regarding what appeared to be a young couple involved in a physical altercation. Investigation revealed that the two involved were an 18 year old female and a 20 year old male who are both local residents of Brockville. It was discovered that the male received minor physical injuries as a result of an assault caused by scratching and biting during an argument. The altercation took place outdoors in public view. The suspect female was located, arrested and later released with a future court date.

Imitation Firearm Offences and B&E

On the 28th of April, 2019 at approximately 9:15am, the Brockville Police Service received a call of a male with a handgun pursuing a female in the center area of the City. Officers attended the area and located the male suspect and quickly arrested him. He was a local, 38 year old male. It should be known that no one was injured in the incident. Investigation determined that the male suspect had discarded the handgun and articles used for disguise in the nearby area. Once these items were found it was also revealed that the handgun was actually a very realistic looking pellet gun. The female witness who was pursued was in the area and observed this male acting in a suspicious manner at a building nearby. It appeared he was tampering with the door to the building while in possession of this gun. When the male suspect observed the female complainant watching him, he began to approach her by running towards her. The frightened female fled and hid in a building nearby where she called 911. The male then disguised his face with a shirt and continued to pursue her into the building and searched for her. The male stole some items from the building while there to further change his appearance and then attempted to flee as police arrived. This male was arrested and he has been held for a bail hearing on multiple offences including possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, B&E, disguising with intent, assault, and 2 breaches of his current bail conditions. It should be noted that the female was understandably very frightened by these events, however, she is coping very well.