April 9 – 11, 2021 News Release


On April 9th at 9:29 PM officers responded to a family dispute at a residence on Reynolds Drive.  The victim reported that her 30 year old son was out of control and causing damage to her residence.  Officers located the male out front of the residence and placed him under arrest for Mischief.  The male was released from custody with several conditions and a future court date.



Attentive staff at the RBC Brockville location detected suspicious activity demonstrated by two individuals on the 9th of April 2021.  Both parties attempted to cash stolen cheques in the amounts of $970 and $750.  A 27 year old female has been arrested for fraud and released with a future court date.


Motor Vehicle Collision

A 37 year old man caused damage to street signs at the intersection of Stewart and Central Avenue and fled from the scene.  Unfortunately for him, his licence plate was left at the scene.  Police located the man attempting to fix the damage to his vehicle and charged him with Careless Driving and Failing to Remain at the scene.



A 32 year old Brockville resident was located and arrested on three outstanding warrants.  While searching the female, officers located 6.2 grams of crystal methamphetamine.  The accused was held in custody for a bail hearing.  A second female accused, 36 years of age, was arrested on an outstanding probation warrant where 0.5 grams of fentanyl was located.


Police Assistance

The Brockville Police Service assisted the Grenville County OPP in the arrest of a 25 year old man.  The man who was wanted by the OPP took off from officers on foot but was located a short distance away and taken into custody after resisting police.  He was turned over to the OPP but will also be charged by the Brockville Police for resist arrest, utter threats, and mischief after spitting in the cruiser and kicking cruiser doors.  The accused was held in custody for a bail hearing.