On January 22, 2014 at 7:15 am a King Street West landlord received an emergency call from one of his tenants that water was running out of the ceiling into his unit. The landlord attended to investigate and found that there was a significant water leak in the bathroom of a third floor unit. Water was causing damage to that unit and the two below. Since it was an emergency the landlord entered the third floor unit to do repairs although the tenants were not happy with his decision. A 23 year old male tenant assaulted the landlord by punching and head butting him. A sink was also broke in the scuffle. Police were notified and attended. It was learned that the suspect was already on bail conditions. The Brockville man has been arrested and charged for assault and breach of his bail conditions. He was held in custody to appear at a bail hearing on January 22, 2014.