August 10 – 12, 2017 Incidents

Breach of Bail conditions

On Friday at 9:40pm police received several calls about an intoxicated female in the downtown core.  Police located a 34 year old woman that was on conditions not to consume alcohol.  She was arrested and charged accordingly.



On Thursday at 8:30pm a 20-30 year old male entered the beer store, selected two cases of beer and fled without paying for the items.  Police have reviewed the video footage and will be charging the suspect shortly.


Public Intoxication

At 11:30pm on Friday police responded to a disturbance at Hardy Park.  A 19 year old female was arrested for public intoxication.  She was later released when sober.


Assault Police/disturbance

In the early morning hours of Saturday police were investigating a 19 year male for causing a disturbance after being ejected from a liquor establishment on King St.  As police were dealing with this male, one of his friends obstructed the officers by attempting to intervene in the arrest.  This second male, also 19, was arrested for obstruct police.  As police were arresting him he broke a door window in a business on King St.  He was eventually placed in a police vehicle.  His brother then decided to punch an officer that was dealing with the arrest.  This 3rd male was also arrested for assaulting police.  As a result of this incident three males were arrested.  Of the three arrested only the two that interfered/assaulted police were charged criminally.