August 10, 2016 Incidents

Drug Charges

On August 10th at 12:16 pm, Brockville Police stopped a vehicle on a south end street.  A strong odour of marijuana led Officers into an investigation which resulted in the seizure of a quantity of the drug.

The local 36 year old drive, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and breaches of an active probation order.  He was released later in the day and given a future court date.


Male Voyeur

On August 10th at 4:26 pm., Brockville Police attended a north end box store after a complaint of strange behaviour.

A local 45 year old man was observed video taping other males in the store with a hand held device. Another man noticed his actions and contacted Police.  Investigation revealed the suspect was gathering video of other men without their knowledge. He would watch the video afterwards for his own entertainment.  Officers arrested and charged the male with voyeurism.

He was released on conditions later in the day with a future court date.


Domestic Assault

On August 10th at 10:22 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end apartment complex for a domestic assault complaint.

A local 22 year old female was travelling in a vehicle with her 31 year old boyfriend.  A dispute started which turned physical when the man elbowed her in the face.  Another dispute started when she tried to leave the complex after they arrived home.  Witnesses observed the second dispute outside the building and contacted Police.

Officers arrested and charged the subject with assault. He was held for a bail hearing.  The victim suffered a minor injury as a result of the assault and did not receive medical treatment at her own request.