August 14 – 17, 2020 News Release

Person Well-being Check

On Friday August 14th, shortly before 9:00 AM officers responded to a complaint of a male acting strangely at 329 Stewart Blvd.  The male was throwing garbage and pointing his “finger gun” at passing vehicles. The male was spoken to by officers who apprehended him under the mental health act and brought him to the Brockville General Hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

Public Intoxication Incidents

  • A 19 year old male was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place on the 15th of August at 2:00 AM. Officers responded to a disturbance at King Street and Broad Street which led to his arrest.  The male was held in custody and released when sober.  He was issued a $55 fine.
  • A 44 year old male was arrested on the 15th at 2:40 PM for being intoxicated in a public place. The male had gotten into a taxi cab on William St. and was too intoxicated to tell the driver where he wanted to go. The driver contacted police who then arrested the male.  The male was held in custody and released when sober.  He was also charged under the Liquor Licence Act for being in an intoxicated place.
  • On August 16th at 2:55 AM officers responded to reports of a male sitting on the back deck of a residence on James Street. A 52 year old male was arrested for trespassing and public intoxication.  The male was held in custody until sober and released with a fine.


On the 15th of August 2020 at 4:30 PM officers and paramedics responded to the area below the William Street overpass for reports of two adult males that had overdosed.  The two were given Naloxone at the scene by a friend and emergency services were then contacted.  The two males were transported to Brockville General Hospital for treatment.  They have since been released from care.


On August 16th just before 2:00 PM police were contacted about a theft of baseball equipment from a Pearl St. West address.  A suspect was identified in the theft a later arrested.   The equipment had been left on the porch when it went missing.  Some of the property was recovered at the time of the arrest.  The male will appear in court at a later date to answer to the charge.


A 17 year old female and a 24 year old male have been charged in relation to a disturbance at the rear of a King St. West apartment building on August 12th 2020 at approximately 4:00 AM.  Police were called to the area for reports of an altercation taking place.  On their arrival they met the victim who had significant injuries to her face and head.  The victim was transported to the Brockville General Hospital for her injuries. 

The incident started as a dispute that quickly became physical and ended with the accused arming themselves with blunt objects and continuing the assault.  The 17 year old and 24 year old were identified and arrested on the 13th of August.  Both were held in custody for bail hearing being charged with assault and assault with a weapon.