August 4 – 5, 2018 Incidents

The Brockville Police Service has attended 37 calls for service in the previous 24 hour period.

Three subjects have been arrested on outstanding arrest warrants. In each case they are unrelated to each other.

Of significant importance a 33 year old male has been arrested on an outstanding warrant from this service for.

Police interviewed a male they observed on a bicycle that marched another person being sought by police for property crimes. Upon speaking with him he lied about his name but unwittingly used a name that had been used earlier that morning by a subject attempting to claim ownership of stolen property that wasn’t his. In short, they were the same person. He was arrested for possession of stolen property. During the search of his person he was found to be in possession of more stolen property from various recent complaints of thefts from boats, sheds and garages. Numerous pieces of identification were found on him along with a quantity of meth amphetamine.

Police found a wallet on his person that gave away his true identity and upon running that name he was discovered to have an arrest warrant in our jurisdiction as well another warrant from a neighboring police service.

He was also on a recognizance of bail from that service with several conditions that he was found to be in breach of currently.

As of this morning he has been remanded into custody and will appear in Brockville court this Tuesday the 7th of August 2018.