August 6 – 7, 2019 Incidents

Recent scam alert:

We received information from a local bank regarding a customer that was reporting an attempt fraud. A Customer will get a phone call saying they are Bank Fraud Investigator, not to contact the branch as the didn’t want to interrupt their investigation. Client was to go to Shoppers Drug Mart Downtown on King and purchase Google Play cards. Then they were to meet the representative at the Branch the following day. The client was advised that their visa had been used and they needed to provide numbers on the back of the card, as well as the 3 digit number on the back of the card as well as their cell phone number. The scammer would then have the money from the play card and the client would be out the money that was spent on them.

Please be cognizant of anybody calling your identifying themselves as a member of your Bank, and go to your bank to confirm validity. Never purchase any time of google play cards, apple cards, or any cards and provide the numbers on them over the phone to anybody.


On the 21st of July, 2019 a media release was sent out regarding a fight at the Tim Horton’s on William Street. At the time 2 of the males were located and arrested at the time, the third male fled the scene. On the 6th of August, 2019 the 19 year old male attended the Brockville Police Station for fingerprints in another incident and he was arrested and charged with assault and fail to comply with probation. He was held for a bail hearing.


On the 3rd of August, 2019 a 33 year old complainant attended the station reporting on going harassment from an ex-boyfriend a 45 year old male. At that time she wished it reported and he be contacted to stop. A traffic stop was conducted at that time of the male, he was advised at that time to cease any further communication with the complainant, or he could be charged. Well right after that conversation with police he did send more messages to her, attended her residence on several occasions and caused her to fear for her safety. She also disclosed a time where he had assaulted her back in May 2019. He was contacted and surrendered himself to police upon request. He was held for a bail hearing, and charged with Criminal Harassment and Assault.


Police are continuing to investigate the mischiefs throughout the city. They are starting to be reported to police, most recently the one at the Kingston Bridge on King Street West. Police are reaching out to those businesses that may have video that may assist in our investigation. We Will continue to update the Media in relation to any updates.