Computer Scam

The Brockville Police would like to remind people that callers asking you to allow them to sign in to your computer are scamming you. If you receive a call and the caller advises you that you have a problem with your computer ask yourself the following 1) How does the caller know I have a computer and 2) How do they know there is a problem. The caller is then going to offer to fix your computer and ask you to do several things in order to allow them to remotely access your computer. Once inside your computer they are going to locate as much personal information about you and hopefully steal your identity or access your banking information. Their purpose is to steal your money. The caller is then going to ask you for your credit card so they can charge the 100 dollar fee for their service. If you do not cancel your credit card they will start making purchases on that card until you notice. If this occurs contact your bank immediately and tell them to cancel your card and lock down your bank account. Knowledge is Power, Don