December 11, 2016 Incidents

Probation Breach

A local, 19 year old man, was charged with breaching his probation yesterday morning.  Brockville Police took a complaint involving the male inside a south end residence, which actually belonged to another absent family member.  Officers located him there which was breaching a condition of his probation order.  He was arrested and charged with breaching the order and released later on conditions with a future court date.


Mental Health

Unfounded aggression towards a family pet resulted in a mental health apprehension.  Brockville Police received a request yesterday around noon to attend a south end residence to speak to a local, 23 year old man.  He was reported to be yelling at a cat in the residence and acting out of character.  Officers escorted him to hospital for appropriate care.


Shoplifting and Uncooperative

Stealing from a north end boxstore and then resisting arrest, resulted in criminal charges for a Kingston area duo.  A 34 year old female and her 14 year old, male accomplice stole a large sum of items and began loading them into a waiting vehicle.  Around 5:00 yesterday afternoon, Brockville Police located the twosome near the intersection of Parkedale Avenue and North Augusta Road.  They had taken off from store security and tried to run from officers as well.  Both parties have been arrested and charged with theft and resisting arrest.  They face a future court date after being released from custody.



Lending money became an issue for two area young people.  A 24 year old, local female, borrowed money from a local male and then had difficulty paying him back.  Growing impatient, the man telephoned her and threatened to hurt her with a knife.  A second call threatened the well-being of her father.  Brockville Police were contacted shortly after nine last night and the incident was reported.  Officers spoke to the accused who turned himself over to police at headquarters.  He was arrested and charged with uttering a threat and released on conditions with a future court date.