December 13, 2016 Incidents

Theft From Residence 

A north end resident had a package removed from his front porch.  The parcel had been dropped off on the 12th between 8 and 8:45 pm., on a well lit front step.  The items included electronics and jewelry.  Brockville Police officers are still investigating the incident.

If anyone has information regarding this theft, please contact us. (613-342-0127 Ext. 0)


Mischief to School

An unknown (culprit) decided to deface a play ground slide and bus signs at a central/east school.  Using what appears to be a black marker, the suspect wrote words and drew inappropriate pictures.  Brockville Police received the complaint on the 13th around noon hour.  The writing was removed and no permanent damage sustained.


Theft of Fuel

A transport truck suffered a large fuel theft while parked in a lot off Jefferson Drive on the 13th.  Brockville Police attended to speak with the victim around 6:00 pm.  Unknown suspects managed to syphon hundreds of litres of fuel from the parked rig.

The investigation continues into the theft.