December 14, 2016 Incidents

Stolen Vehicle

On December 14th at 5:03 am., Brockville Police received a report of a street lamp struck by a vehicle on a north end street.  Shortly afterwards, police received a complaint of a stolen vehicle from a north end resident. Keys had been left in a nearby vehicle for the purposes of moving the vehicle so they could remain in the driveway and avoid parking on the street.  Due to debris left behind at the accident scene, police were able to determine the same vehicle was involved.  Just before 7:00 am., Brockville Police received a call from a member of the community who observed the vehicle parked behind a north end public school.  Officers noted extensive damage to the 2007, Chevrolet Impala.  The investigation continues into suspects who had already fled the scene.

We remind people not to leave keys within their vehicles. Although it may present more work to move vehicles around, removing opportunity for criminals is very important.


Breach of Probation

Hiding in his girlfriend’s closet resulted in probation breaches for local, 23 year old man.  A member of the Children’s Aid Society was checking on a local, 27 year old woman, at her south end residence and discovered the man in the house.  The incident took place on December 13th around 3:30 pm., and was then reported to police for follow-up.  One of the probation conditions involved the man having no contact with the woman and not to be at her residence.

On the 15th, in the early afternoon, the accused turned himself into police.  He was arrested and charged with two counts of breaching his probation and released shortly afterwards with a future fingerprint and court date along with conditions to follow.


Break and Enter / Stolen Vehicle

A stolen vehicle and its occupants struck a north end residence just after midnight today.  Brockville Police responded to the scene and noted heavy damage to the vehicle and the garage of the home.  The black, Honda Accord, had been stolen minutes before from a north end home.  The owners of the vehicle had gone for a late night walk and returned to find officers waiting for them.  Police noted their door had been kicked in and some items had been removed from the residence. The culprits then fled the area using the couple’s vehicle.  The owner of the damaged home contacted police and ambulance, believing the occupants would require medical attention.  The suspects however, walked away from the scene. The driver is being described as a taller, thin, male with long dark hair and a green, army style coat.  Police also contacted natural gas employees to deal with a damaged meter on the residence.

Brockville Police are encouraging the Community to assist us in preventing or solving these types of crimes.  Officers canvassed residents in the involved areas today and learned there were many witnesses to the erratic driving.  Police however, did not receive phone calls about these actions.  If the members of the Community note persons out of place or vehicles being driven in a dangerous manner, please call us.