December 17 – 18, 2016 Incidents

Public Intoxication

A north end eatery contacted Brockville Police, concerned about an intoxicated man in the area of the liquor store.  On the 17th, just before 9:00 pm., officers located the local, 30 year old, noted he was very drunk and arrested and charged him with being intoxicated in a public place.  He was released the next morning when sober.  A fine of $65.00 is now due for the offence.


Theft From Unlocked Vehicles

Over the course of Sundays’ dayshift, the 18th, Brockville Police received three different complaints of vehicles entered overnight.  Items were removed in two of the incidents which took place in the cental/east portion of the city.  Brockville Police remind the community to lock their vehicles and remove the opportunity presented to these criminals.

If your vehicle was entered and police were not called, please do so.  These reports allow us to concentrate our efforts and identify patterns to reduce thefts or deal with the responsible parties.


Car Fire

A local man’s vehicle caught fire at a central area parking lot around 7:30 pm., on the 18th.  The vehicle was giving him problems starting and a tow truck had been called.  Shortly after the tow truck arrived, the fire started.  The cause is believed to be electrical in nature and damage was extensive.