December 17 – 18, 2017 Incidents

Warrant Executed

Sunday night Brockville Police attended to the Lanark OPP detachment in Perth and arrested a 25 year old Perth woman for outstanding warrants she had in Brockville.

In June of this year the young woman was charged with being in a stolen vehicle recovered in Brockville. On the 18th of August and again on the 29th of August she failed to attend court in Brockville on these charges and as a result warrants were issued.

She is scheduled to appear later today in Brockville court for a bail hearing.


Winter Driving Reminders

Now that winter driving season is upon us and the holidays are near the Brockville Police would like to remind motorists of a few safe driving tips for winter conditions.

  1. Make sure your vehicle is prepared. Keep snowbrushes and scrapers available in your car and where possible emergency items such as a lightweight shovel, flashlight, and battery cables. Keep all of your windows and mirrors clear of snow.
  2. Winter tires are recommended
  3. Drive Smoothly and Slowly. Do not make abrupt turns or stops. Driving too fast for the conditions is the main cause of winter conditions.
  4. Lights On: turn your lights on to increase your visibility to other drivers
  5. Do not use cruise control in snow, wet or icy conditions. If your car were to slide or hydroplane you may lose control.

For more information and safety tips on winter driving please the Canada Safety Council website at