December 20 – 23, 2019 News Release

Impaired by Drug:

A 71 year old male was arrested for impaired operation of a conveyance by drugs as the result of a traffic stop on the 22nd of December around 4:00 p.m.  The Brockville Police had received a complaint of erratic driving.  The vehicle description was provided; officers observed the vehicle shortly after the call and conducted a traffic stop on Stewart Blvd. The driver displayed signs of impairment and later failed tests performed by a drug recognition expert.    He was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle.



A 29 year old male was charged with assault on the 22nd of December after police responded to the complaint at a residence in the center of the city.  Police received a call of a disturbance just before 10:00 p.m. As a result of the investigation the 29 year old male was charged with assault on another adult male.  He was released from custody with a future court date.


Public Intoxication:

On the 20th of December at 3:00 p.m. EMS crews had been called to a male passed out on the Brock Trail.  Upon their arrival the male began causing problems with the paramedics which prompted a call for assistance to police.  The 60 year old male was intoxicated by alcohol and was then arrested by police for his own protection.  He was held in custody until sober and charged under the liquor licence act for being intoxicated in a public place.


Christmas Spirit:

On the 21st of December a Good Samaritan discovered $1500 at Canadian Tire on Parkedale Ave.  The male then brought the cash to the Brockville Police Service and turned it over.  The owner of the money realized he had lost the cash, attended Canadian Tire to in hopes that it had been turned in.  He was directed to the Brockville Police Service were he was reunited with his Christmas money.


Call for assistance:

On the 20th of December a 38 year old female returned to her boyfriend’s residence after a night of festivities.  The female was not able to gain access to the residence and thought he may be sleeping. She then took shelter in her boyfriend’s truck.  After spending some time in the vehicle the female realized how cold she was and attempted to exit her shelter.  She was unable to secure her freedom and called 911 for assistance.  Officers attended and after several seconds of problem solving, it was discovered that pulling the handle to the door will activate the opening sequence. She was freed from her trap and was then sent home in a cab.