December 22, 2016 Incidents


A central/east public school was the victim of a mischief after someone wrote a hate crime message on a school sign.  Brockville Police attended the school around 9:30 am, on the 22nd and took pictures of the damage and searched for witnesses.  The damage was minimal and the small sign can be replaced if the message can’t be removed.

Police are still searching for a suspect.


Mental Health

A local, 66 year old man, was taken to hospital Thursday afternoon to check on his mental health.  Brockville Police attended his residence around 1:00pm., after a mental health professional indicated the male had not been taking his medication and was showing signs of hightened agitation.

Officers escorted the man to hospital for appropriate care.


Assault with a Weapon

Punching his younger brother and then producing a knife has resulted in the arrest of a local, 12 year old boy.  The young man got into a dispute with his 11 year old brother and punched him in the face.  He then produced both a knife and a baseball bat during the incident and made further threats to harm him.  Brockville Police attended the south end residence shortly after 1:00 pm., on the 22nd.  Officers arrested and charged the youngster with assault with a weapon, weapons dangerous and three counts of breaching his current probation order.

He was held in custody and will appear in bail court.  The younger brother suffered minor injuries to his face as a result of the punch, the weapons mentioned never made physical contact with his person.



Stealing jewellry from a north end box store has resulted in charges for a local, 35 year old woman.  Store security contacted Brockville Police on the 22nd around 2:00 pm.  Officers were informed the accused had a ring and a bracelet on her person.  She was arrested for theft and brought back to the station to be searched by a female officer, where the items were recovered.

She was released shortly afterwards with a future fingerprint and court date.


Mental Health

A local teenager was taken to hospital after threatening to hurt himself with a knife.  A family member contacted police on the 22nd around 5:00 pm.  She indicated the 17 year old, grabbed a knife and went upstairs within the north end home.  Brockville Police officers attended the home and spoke to the young man.  It was decided he should speak with mental health staff at local hospital.  He was left in their care for further evaluation and treatment.



Stealing from a north end box store resulted in a theft charge for a local, 50 year old man.  Brockville Police attended the store on the 22nd around 5:00 pm., to speak to store security and the suspect.

He was arrested and charged with theft and released at the scene with a future fingerprint and court date.


Attempt Suicide

Brockville Police attended a south end residence last night, shortly after 11:00 pm., to speak to a local, 21 year old, threatening self harm  The man had attempted to hang himself but another family member cut him down before any harm was done.  The man then fled the residence and was located by officers several blocks away.  He was escorted to local hospital and left in the custody of security staff there.  However, he took off from their care and Brockville Police were called to re-attend.  This time, officers located him back at his residence.  The man was returned to hospital staff.