December 23, 2016 Incidents

Liquor Licence Act

Excessive alcohol consumption led to the arrest of a local, 47 year old man early Friday afternoon. Police received several calls around 2:30pm,on the 23rd of December, concerning the intoxicated male, who was having difficulty walking on Stewart Blvd in the center of the City. The male was located by police and subsequently arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. He was later released with a fine, once sober.


Breach of Probation

A 17 year old male was arrested for breaching the conditions of his Probation late Friday evening. On the 23rd of December at approximately 11:30pm, as a result of a RIDE check, police located the Youth out past his curfew, as set out in his Probation Order.The male was subsequently arrested and charged with Breach of Probation and released with a future Court date.


Designate a Driver

Brockville Police Service continue to urge the Public to ensure everyone designate a sober driver, arrange a ride or take a taxi if they have been consuming alcohol or drugs. Last night, RIDE checks were set up at various locations throughout the City. As a result of these efforts, 2 males were arrested in unrelated incidents for being in possession of a Controlled Substance. Police are reminding the Public that Impaired Driving can be determined by either alcohol or drug and the Brockville Police Service will continue their efforts to locate impaired drivers throughout this Holiday Season.