December 6 – 7, 2017 Incidents

Probation Breaches

Two Brockville men were arrested for breaching the conditions of their probation orders in separate occurrences last evening.

At approximately 8:30 p.m. last evening Brockville Police 911 Communication received a call to attend a Court House apartment when a frightened 32 year old woman and a friend of hers contacted police to say her ex-boyfriend was outside the apartment. He was on probation with a condition not to be within 200 metres of her residence.

Responding officers located the 44 year old man outside the woman’s residence and placed him under arrest for breaching his probation order. He was conveyed to Brockville Police headquarters and later released with new bail conditions and given a future court date. The man is on probation as a result of a May 2017 domestic incident involving the same victim.

While investigating another incident officers discovered a 22 year old Brockville man breaching the conditions of his probation.

Brockville Police officers were responding to another call at a downtown apartment building when the young man answered the front door of the building and then left on King Street. Officers recognized the man and detected an odour of alcohol on his breath when speaking with at the door. They suspected him to be on a probation odour with a condition that he abstain from alcohol and later confirmed the order.

As a result he was arrested a short distance away for breach of his probation and conveyed to the Police Station where he was charged, processed and given a future court date.