December 7 – 8, 2017 Incidents

Vehicles entered overnight in north end

Brockville Police received 6 reports yesterday from residents who had their vehicles entered overnight Wednesday and Thursday in Brockville’s north end. In most of the thefts the vehicle was left unlocked by the owner.

Items taken from the vehicles included loose change, wallets and purses containing identification and credit cards, sunglasses, electronic equipment, and keys.

Areas targeted by thieves included the Montrose and Shearer Drive areas, Vanier Drive and Meighan Crescent neighbourhoods as well as Ferguson Drive.

The reports come at the beginning of the holiday season’s lock or lose it campaign. Motorists are reminded to roll up your windows securely, lock your doors and pocket your keys when exiting your vehicle. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area or a garage and never leave valuables in plain view.

Vehicle thieves will walk streets checking door handles for unlocked vehicles to target. If the door is locked they will continue walking until they find an unlocked car to enter. Please protect your vehicle and lock the doors.