Facebook Messages

The Brockville Police Service has received several complaints from women in the Brockville area who have been contacted by an adult male over Facebook on the pretext of selling something and then insisting on being added as a friend to further see their messages. The male subject then attempts to meet with the female in an arranged upon location or makes completely inappropriate comments to them over Facebook.

The Brockville Police Service reminds the community to practice internet safety. Please do not add persons as friends on Facebook unless you are completely comfortable with that individual. Keep in mind when you add someone as a friend on Facebook you potential make your friends profiles available as well. Please double check your security settings on Facebook and add the person to your blocked list if you feel uncomfortable.

A person of interest has been identified and the Brockville Police are investigating the incidents further. If you have been a victim or have questions concerns please contact the Brockville Police Service at 613-342-0127.