February 11 – 13, 2023 News Release

Break and Enter and Possession of Stolen Property

On February 11, 2023 at about 4:00PM, the Brockville Police Service received a call at a residence on Brock St. in relation to a break and enter. The home owner attended the residence to perform renovations. When they did, they found that the locks had been tampered with and believed someone was inside. Officer’s attended and located a 39-year-old female, inside the residence. She was placed under arrest for break and enter. It was learned that she was on probation with conditions to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. Once processed, she was released on an undertaking with additional conditions. She was also given a future court date for the offences of break and enter and fail to comply with probation.


While officer’s were investigating the break and enter incident above, there was a 16-year-old, male, riding his bicycle in the area. This male was known to be wanted for fraud and possession of stolen property. These charges were as a result of an investigation reported on January 14, 2023, where a victim’s car had been entered, debit card stolen and the card was used to make small purchases. The male was arrested for fraud under $5,000.00 and possession of stolen property. He was charged with those offences and released with a future court date.  


Warrants and Drug Possession

On February 12, 2023 at about 11:00PM, officers from the Brockville Police Service, observed a 21-year-old, male, known to be wanted for failing to attend for fingerprinting. The male was arrested for the warrant and when searched, the officers located a quantity of methamphetamine. The substance was seized and the male was additionally charged with possession of methamphetamine. He was released on an appearance notice for all charges with a new court date.   



On February 10, 2023 at about 6:15AM, the Brockville Police Service received a complaint regarding an unwanted person at a residence on James St. W. Officers attended and during the investigation, located a 29-year-old, female, who had a bench warrant for their arrest for failing to attend court. She was arrested for that offence and held for bail.