February 15 – 16, 2018 Incidents

Suspicious Persons

The Brockville Police Service has a received a complaint of a suspicious person attempting to solicit funds for a “kids hockey team that play on the west end rink.” The suspect was attending residences in attempts to solicit these funds. There are not any fundraising efforts that we are aware of at this time. Please contact our service if you have any concerns about door to door sales persons.

Our by-law states that:

2.1 Every transient trader or door to door sales/service person operating

within the City of Brockville shall obtain a license from the Clerk of

the Corporation before selling or offering for sale any goods, wares,

merchandise, or services within the City of Brockville.


2.2 Every transient trader or door to door sales/service person shall at all

times while carrying on business have a copy of the license issued by

the Corporation, and in the case of a transient trader operating from

a particular place, a copy of a statement in writing from the property

owner, and shall upon demand exhibit the documentation to any

Municipal or Police Officer.


Theft from Cars

The Brockville Police have received several reports of vehicles being entered on Butterfield Place, Weston Cr. And First Ave. These incidents occurred between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Most of the vehicles entered were left unlocked.



A 24 year old male turned himself into police for his outstanding warrant. He was arrested and then released with a new court date.


Suspicious Person

The behaviour of a 35 year old male attracted the attention of hotel staff in the city’s north end. Police attended and located the suspect who was arrested for breaching his probation for being in possession of electronic devices contrary to his conditions. During the arrest he became assaultive with police.   He now faces charges of resisting arrest and breach of probation.