February 16 – 17, 2018 Incidents

On Friday, the 16 th of February, police received a complaint of a stolen motor vehicle where the car had been given to a 44 year old man to be permitted to use it for a quick errand. He never returned with the car. On Friday night while on patrol police spotted the car being operated and was subsequently pulled over. As police conversed with the driver they observed a female in the passenger side of the car that the man was on conditions not to be with. He was arrested for the stolen vehicle as well as breaching his conditions of a previous release. He was remanded into custody yesterday morning with a bail hearing date for Tuesday the 20th of February.


On Saturday early morning of the 17th of February police responded to a call of a vehicle running in a parking lot of an apartment building. The caller was concerned for the driver. Police attended and spoke to the 48 year old owner of the car. Grounds for arrest were formed that the owner was in care and control of his car while his ability to operate it was impaired by alcohol. He was arrested. The officers demanded samples of his breath to determine the concentration of alcohol in his body. He refused to comply. He has been released with a future court date for care and control and refusing to provide breath sample. The penalty for refusing to provide breath samples is the same as registering over the legal limit of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, if convicted.