February 20 – 21, 2019 Incidents


On the 20th of February, 2019, at approximately 6:00pm, officers from the Brockville Police Service executed an arrest warrant at a residence in the South area of the city. The female resident was 26 years of age and known to have several outstanding warrants for multiple counts of fraud, possession of stolen property and unlawfully at large. When the warrant was executed a 40 year old, local male, was located inside the residence as well. That male was placed under arrest for breaching his probation. Due to the multiple warrants the female accused was held for a bail hearing and the male was released shortly after with a future court date.



On the 20th of February, 2019, at approximately 2:00pm, the Brockville Police Service arrested a 50 year old, local male, for possession for the purposes of trafficking a controlled substance. The male was taken into custody and located on his person was a variety of drugs. These drugs include crystal meth and an assortment of opiates. The total street value of the drugs was over $4,000.00. The male was released from custody with a future court date.