January 17 – 18, 2019 Incidents


On the 17th of January 2019 at 3:45 pm a male known to police was observed operating a black Ford Edge on Kensington Parkway. Officers were aware that the male was currently a disqualified driver and that he had a warrant for his arrest from the OPP area. Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the male for the warrant as well as driving disqualified. He was then searched and officers located a large quantity of methamphetamine, cocaine, a loaded syringe, prescription medication, and $3800.00 in cash. The drugs seized have an estimated value of $4000.00. Police also located a “stun gun brass knuckle” and two prohibited knives. The male is currently on a prohibition not to possess any weapons.

Andrew Beauregard, 42 years of age, is now charged with 3 counts of possession of a controlled substance (drugs) for the purpose of trafficking, 3 counts of possession of a weapon contrary to a prohibition order, 3 counts of possession of a prohibited weapon in a motor vehicle and 3 counts of driving while disqualified.