January 21, 2017 Incidents

Mental Health Apprehension

Brockville Police responded to what was originally called in as a domestic dispute in the north end of the city at 7 am yesterday morning. A male was complaining of being assaulted by his wife. During the investigation it was apparent that the 50 year old woman was suffering from a mental illness and for her safety and her husbands she was apprehended and conveyed to the hospital for pyschiatric assessment. No one was injured in the dispute.


Mental Health Apprehension

A 40 year old female who called into the Brockville Police communications center and began to speak of moments of extreme paranoia caused a police dispatcher to make what turned out to be the right callwhen she deployed officers to her residence even though she insisted that she wished no officer presence. Officers performed a cursory investigation and had to apprehend her for her safety. She was taken to the Brockville General Hospital where she was evaluated.


Drug Possession and Breach Charges

Police had conducted a traffic stop on a motor vehicle in the evening hours. During that investigation the passenger was recognized by officers and was out on release conditions with one of them being not to consume alcohol. He had been drinking and was arrested for violating his undertaking. During the arrest he was searched and found to be in possession of cocaine. He was charged and released with a future court date for the allegations.