January 22 – 23, 2016 Incidents

Domestic Dispute

On January 22nd at 11:35 am., Brockville Police began investigating a domestic dispute that took place in a north end apartment complex.

A local, 34 year old female, reported her ex-boyfriend showing up all the time at her apartment and causing problems for her.  On this date, he showed up and was following her from room to room in the residence. When she attempted to close a bedroom door, the male kicked it back open, damaging the door in the process.  Police located the local, 26 year old, staying in a nearby building. He was arrested and charged with mischief and taken into custody.  Later the same day, the male was released on conditions and given a future court date.



On January 22nd at 5:38 pm., Brockville Police responded to a disturbance in a north end apartment building hallway.

A local, 25 year old male, attended one of the units in the building and got into a disagreement with one of the residents over personal property.  As the male was leaving the premises, he discharged an aresol irritant into the hallway area. Most likely a bear repellant or something similar.  Residents and officers on scene experienced burning sensations in their throats and eyes. The Brockville Fire Department was asked to attend to assist with airing out the building.  The accused also threatened the tenant’s safety both verbally and through facebook.

Police were unable to locate the accused at the time of the incident. A warrant is being sought for his arrest for the offences of mischief and uttering threats.


Domestic Dispute

On January 22nd at 7:57 pm., Brockville Police started an investigation into a domestic dispute that started while parties were travelling in a vehicle on Parkedale Ave.

The local couple had been out for dinner when a verbal dispute turned physical while driving home.  The local, 35 year old female, struck her spouse in the face, causing a bloody nose. She then kicked the front window area, knocking the mirror off and cracking the glass.  Her spouse, a local, 51 year old male, managed to remove her from the vehicle and left her in the area.

Police stopped the vehicle a short distance away and found the male had been consuming alcohol. He was given a roadside breath test, registered a warn and was issued a three suspension of his licence.  The female was charged with assault on her spouse and mischief to the vehicle.  She was released on conditions with a future court date.  The man suffered minor injuries as a result. He did not require medical attention.


‘Operation Doorknock’

On January 23rd at 9:00 pm., Brockville Police Officers enforced “Operation Doorknock”, checking on charged persons to ensure compliance with bail conditions and house arrest.

No infractions were discovered after checking numerous subjects.